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1. MEDIACOM WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO. We work with clients of all sizes. Over 10 million. Under 2 million. Under 10 million. And we like to forge long term relationships. 10 years. 15 years. We work with Mars Wrigley across 15 markets. Europe: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation


We work with clients of all sizes Over10 million Under2 million Under10 million

And we like to forge long term relationships

15 years

10 years

We work with Mars Wrigley across 15 markets

Europe:Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, UKHong KongIndiaIsraelCanadaNorth Africa2CHEWING GUM ACTION GROUP 2013 MEDIA PROPOSAL

A quick recap on the job at hand for us We will deliver scale AND high impact media in a variety of formats to reach people when they might be thinking of dropping gum litter. Ultimately to reduce chewing gum litter! We must raise awareness that dropping gum is litter, and fines may be incurred for doing so. We must also promote responsible disposal of used gumCreating a sense of local pride and less gum on our streets!!

Where well be

Swansea BIDFalkirk BIDPeterborough CouncilLiverpool City CouncilBournemouth CouncilWyre Forest CouncilNottingham City CouncilNorthampton CouncilNeath Port TalbotRochford CouncilCorby CouncilHighlands CouncilMilton Keynes Town Centre MngtWimbledon BIDCambridge City CouncilHull City Council

And the creative well be adapting to use


Our planning strategy is about relevancy, and our media is focused on getting close to the point of drop

Were proposing a variety of outdoor formats, working together to build awareness, coverage and frequency of the message in the cities and towns of our partners




Super High Impact


Roadside formats will deliver mass reach on the street when people may be thinking about littering

Phone KiosksRoadside 6 sheets

ATM adsMajor high street coverage, building frequency quicklyIlluminated, high dwell timeTargeted with proximity to point of disposal

Lamp Post BannersBus Supersides & Streetliners talk directly to pedestrians, giving strong coverage in town centres

Large image ad on the high street attention with statureTalk directly to pedestrians with frequency as buses travel through town and city centres

Mobile media is large format, hard to miss and excellent for targeting town centres

DigivansBacklight 48 sheet AdvansMoving image eye catching and memorableVisibility in dark or poor weather conditions

Large DigivansScreen can be raised for maximum visibilityPortable, and can be deployed and optimised for days of high pedestrian trafficRail formats provide additional coverage at point of purchase and disposal

Rail 4 sheetsRail 6 sheetsRail Digital 6 sheetsLonger dwell time as commuters wait for trainsRail 6s deliver high coverage at purchase points. Digital 6s can use moving image higher levels of ad recallLiverpool media wall is a unique, huge impact opportunity in a high footfall areaA high quality LED media wall, located in the centre of Liverpool, opposite Lime Street Station and delivering huge impact. We will utilise its full motion capabilities to showcase all 5 creatives

The plan on a pageContractorFormatDistributionPeriodPanels Notes Artwork Deadline VariousRoadside 6 sheetsSpecific areas23/09/2013 - 20/10/2013330 2nd September JCD and CCPhone KiosksSpecific areas23/09/2013 - 20/10/2013136 2nd September CBS and AvertaBus SupersidesSpecific areas23/09/2013 - 20/10/2013165 2nd September JCDRail 6sSpecific areas23/09/2013 - 20/10/201328 2nd September JCDRail 4sSpecific areas23/09/2013 - 20/10/201328 2nd September JCDRail D6sSpecific areas23/09/2013 - 20/10/20134 16th September JCDRail DominationWimbledon23/09/2013 - 20/10/201312nd SeptemberOceanLiverpool Media WallLiverpool23/09/2013 - 20/10/20131 16th September Mobile MediaBacklight 48 sheet AdvansSpecific areas3 x days per 2 weeks (6 x days in total)163 x days per week (1 x Advan per selected area) Production for re-usable skins2nd SeptemberMobile MediaDigivansSpecific areas4 x days 88 x Digivans in selected areas16th SeptemberATMadsATMsSpecific areas23/09/2013 - 20/10/201350616th September4APPENDIX

Swansea BID

Roadside 6 sheets28Phone Kiosks12Bus Streetliners20Backlight 48 sheets advans1

Digivans1ATM Ads28Lamppost Banners19

Falkirk BID

Roadside 6 sheets13Phone Kiosks2Bus Supersides5Backlight 48 sheets advans1

Digivans1ATM Ads13Lamppost Banners19

Peterborough Council

Roadside 6 sheets20Phone Kiosks6Bus Supersides4Rail 6 sheets1Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads88Lamppost Banners19

Liverpool City Council

Roadside 6 sheets68Phone Kiosks43Bus Supersides9Rail 6 sheets1Rail 4 sheets1Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads68Liverpool Media Wall1Lamppost Banners19

Bournemouth Council

Roadside 6 sheets21Phone Kiosks15Bus Supersides8Rail 6 sheets1Rail 4 sheets2Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads47Lamppost Banners19

Wyre Forest Council

Roadside 6 sheets21Phone Kiosks2Bus Supersides1Rail 6 sheets1Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads9Lamppost Banners19

Nottingham City Council

Roadside 6 sheets41Phone Kiosks20Bus Supersides50Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads67Lamppost Banners19

Northampton Council

Roadside 6 sheets25Phone Kiosks6Bus Supersides5Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads77Lamppost Banners19

Neath Port Talbot

Roadside 6 sheets4Bus Supersides1Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads2Lamppost Banners19

Rochford Council

Roadside 6 sheets7Phone Kiosks1Bus Supersides3Rail 6 sheets2Rail 4 sheets2Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads16Lamppost Banners19

Corby Council

Roadside 6 sheets2Phone Kiosks1Bus Supersides1Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads3Lamppost Banners19

Highlands Council

Roadside 6 sheets3Phone Kiosks5Bus Supersides4Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads39Lamppost Banners19

Milton Keynes Town Centre Mgmt

Roadside 6 sheets25Phone Kiosks8Bus Supersides2Rail 4 sheets3Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads5Lamppost Banners19

Wimbledon BID

Roadside 6 sheets30Phone Kiosks9Bus Supersides15Rail 6 sheets3Rail Digital 6 sheets1Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads10Lamppost Banners19Large DigivanTBC

Cambridge City Council

Roadside 6 sheets17Phone Kiosks6Bus Supersides8Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads18Lamppost Banners19

Hull City Council

Roadside 6 sheets42Bus Supersides14Backlight 48 sheets advans1Digivans1ATM Ads16Lamppost Banners19