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  1. 1. Mastering eCommerce SEO Jeff Oxford
  2. 2. About Me - Work - Founder of 180 Marketing (based here in Cebu) Senior SEO Manager of Internet Marketing Inc. - Speaking - 2013 Internet Retailer Conference & Expo 2013 Internet Retailer Surf Expo - Writing - Forbes: 6 Things Online Retailers Can Learn From Amazon Internet Retailer: Is Your SEO Ready for Q4? OpenCart: Ultimate Guide to OpenCart SEO
  3. 3. My Websites
  4. 4. On-Page Optimization Done Right
  5. 5. Create Categories Based on Keyword Research
  6. 6. Title Tags Best Robot Toys for Kids | Tin Toy Arcade Root Keyword Long-Tail Variations Brand Name Keyword Searches/mo robot toys 5,400 robot toy 2,400 robot toys for kids 590 best robot toys 210
  7. 7. Meta Descriptions Huge selection of Robot Toys for Kids. 100% safe online checkout. Same day shipping. 16,000+ satisfied customers. 60-day money back guarantee. Shop now! 1. Target Keyword - Pro Tip - Use elements from high performing AdWords ads 2. Unique Selling Points 3. Call to Action
  8. 8. Content 100-200 Words Content Should Be Unique Use Keyword Variations Write naturally Prioritize most searched category and product pages
  9. 9. Internal Linking Like a Pro
  10. 10. Link to Related Products on Product Pages
  11. 11. Link to Most Important Products on Homepage Keyword Searches/mo Sock Monkey 22,000 Fisher Price Record Player 2,900 Drinking Bird 2,400 Stomp Rocket 4,400 Silly Putty 3,600 Wooly Willy 4,400 Jack in the Box 4,400 Slinky 14,800
  12. 12. Add Links from Most Linked to Pages
  13. 13. Add Links from Most Linked to Pages
  14. 14. Add Links from Most Linked to Pages
  15. 15. Link Building Tactics That Actually Work
  16. 16. Turn Products into Links with Product Reviews
  17. 17. Turn Products into Links with Product Reviews Subject: Do you ever do product reviews? Hey [Blogger Name]! Im [My Name] with [Client Website], [Short Description of Clients Website]. We're currently looking for a select group of bloggers who would be interested in doing a product review with us. We wanted to personally reach out since we thought [blog name] would be a good fit. Basically we would send you the items for free in exchange for a 100% honest review of the products. Feel free to pick 1 or a few of your favorite products with the total being $50 or less. Let me know if you're interested and I would be more than happy to send the product of your choice, just tell me where to send it. Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks!
  18. 18. Discount Code Outreach
  19. 19. Discount Code Outreach Subject: Potential Partnership with [Client Name] Hey [First Name]! Im [My Name] with [Client Website], [Short Description of Clients Website]. I wanted to reach out to you personally since I thought your website would be a good fit for a potential partnership. Essentially we would provide you and your readers a customized code good for 15% off all of our products. We would be more than happy to create your customized coupon code if you feel our website is a good fit as well, just let us know if you're interested. Would you be able to create a short post or mention somewhere else on the site that the discount is available to your readers? Feel free to contact me with any questions, thanks!
  20. 20. Giveaways - Pro Tip - Use to manage the giveaway
  21. 21. Giveaways Subject: Giveaway: [Product Name] Hey [First Name]! Im [My Name] with [Client Website], [Short Description of Clients Website]. We just launched a free giveaway with the winner receiving a [Product Name], one of our best sellers which normally costs $XXX. I wanted to personally reach out to you since [blog name] is great resource for wedding info and some of your readers might also be interested in the prize (we'll let you be the judge of that of course). Here's a link with more info: groomsmen-gift-ideas-caricature If you think it's something your readers would be interested in then feel free to share it however you'd like. Thanks!
  22. 22. Online PR with
  23. 23. Online PR with
  24. 24. Case Studies
  25. 25. Personal Experience Beer Pong Stadium Less than 20 visits/day to 500+ visits/day in 1 year Created categories based on keyword research Optimized category and product pages Added unique content to category and product pages Linked to most important products from homepage Linked to related products on product pages Link building: Guest blogging, press release, Q&A sites
  26. 26. Thank you