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This presentation focusses on a series of elements that our own agency have seen working time and time again for our own clients and delivers 5 simple takeaways to sell more in 2014.


  • 1.Ecommerce SEO Master ClassRichard Hill CEO & Founder

2. Richard Hill 3. People areimpatient! 4. A one second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction on conversions. Sources:, 5. TestYour SiteGTMetrix or Google Page Speed Insights 6. Optimise YourImages..ImplementConsider aContent Delivery Network (CDN)Gzip Compression ImplementCaching 7. MobileOptimisation Client Type/IndustryMobileTabletRetail - Clothes59.35%85.04%Retail - Pet234.83%214.42%Construction102.50%136.53%Vehicle Parts142.86%108.52%SEO Traffic Lab803.39%1645.83%Retail - Pet139.22%104.40%Finance110.50%99.82% 8. Make Your SiteRESPONSIVE One Site One Product Database One interface One SEO Strategy 9. SocialNetworks Google Plus - 540+ million Total Users Facebook - 1,310,000,000 billion Total Users Twitter - 645,750,000 Total Users Pinterest - 70+ million Total UsersSource: Research date: 1.1.14 10. Build YourAudience Post regularly - consider scheduling tools Curate content relevant to your niche Interact especially with influencers Dont just sell, sell, sell 11. ContentStrategy 12. Types ofContent 13. Find andRecreate 14. CustomerREVIEWS 15. UniqueContentFreshnessIncreasedTrust Natural LanguageIncreasedClick Through Rates 16. 5 Simple Takeaways toSell More in 2014 Site Speed Mobile Optimisation Social Networks Content Strategy Customer Reviews 17. QuestionTime 18. Ecommerce SEO Master ClassRichard Hill CEO & Founder