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  • 1. In Rotary, we recognise March as Literacy Month when we focus on the importance of literacy and education in our service to humanity. Literacy is about peoples ability to read, write, speak ,listenand understand.In everyday tasks it is common for a person to use and respond to spoken and written language and to use numeracy skills at the same time. Illiteracy (inability to read, write, speak, listen and understand) has no boundaries.If illiteracy were a simple problem, Rotarians would have solved it by now. Although 98 percent of the worlds illiterate live in developing countries, more than one-third of the adults in industrialised countries cannot read well enough to decipher prescriptions or fill out employment forms.Illiteracy lies at the root of poverty, ranking as one of the prime impediments to earning a living and/or having a productive life. An estimated one billion people - three fifths of them women - do not have the literacy and numeracy skills needed to hold a job or get a better one.Providing women with literacy skills can have far-reaching positive effects because girls do not have access to education in many parts of the world, A mother who can read will teach her children to read, helping to break the cycle of poverty for her family. Helping people learn these skills and become self-sufficient is one of the most critical tools for fighting poverty. Literacy Affects Society as a Whole. Literacy is essential for eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality, curbing population growth, achieving gender equality and ensuring sustainable development, peace and democracy. Illiteracy does not just affect those who are illiterateit affects our whole world. Therefore, on a personal level, literacy is important for survival, and it is necessary for helping our children succeed in society. Literate societies are better able to handle development in an ever-changing world.

2. Regards, (`.) `.(`.) Keep (`.). Smiling! `..S.MD.RAFI () District WEB MASTER 2013-14