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  • 1. HOW TO GET RESULTS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA IN 15 MINUTES A DAY By: Laurel Robbins @Laurel Robbins Michael Hodson @GoSeeWrite Laurence Norah @Lozula Twitter: @PTBAssoc

2. Key Elements of Getting Results From Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day Be Where Your Target Audience Is Align Your Efforts with What Your Audience Wants From You When to Post What to Post My #1 Time Saving Tip Twitter: @PTBAssoc 3. Choosing a Social Media Platform Choose the ones your audience is on If your audience is on more than one, choose as many as you realistically have time for Its better to do 1 really well, than do 3 poorly By being everywhere, you end up being nowhere Twitter: @PTBAssoc 4. Demographics of Social Media Platforms Twitter: @PTBAssoc 5. Align Your Efforts with What Your Audience Wants So.what does your audience want? Twitter: @PTBAssoc 6. How to Determine What Your Audience Wants Use:,,, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics, HootSuite What did your top posts have in common? Time they were posted? Photos or links to articles? Purpose: I.e. To inform? Make someone laugh? Sell something? Were the hashtags the same? Were the topics similar? Twitter: @PTBAssoc 7. Repeat Past Successes: My Top Tweet Twitter: @PTBAssoc 8. Repeat Past Successes: Twitter Analytics Twitter: @PTBAssoc 9. Connect with Your Audience Ask questions, have a conversation. You should be talking WITH people, not TO people. Engage and be engaging. Here are some ideas: Twitter: @PTBAssoc 10. Include More Photos in Your Posts Images on Twitter get 150% more retweets than text only posts Images on Facebook get 53% more likes than text only posts Twitter: @PTBAssoc 11. Hold a Photo Competition Hold a reader photo competition Creates user engagement Builds brand awareness Creates community good will Generates potential client leads Twitter: @PTBAssoc 12. Ask a Question/Fill in the _____. Ask a question to: create engagement Build brand awareness Questions result in double the comments. Fill in the blanks result in 9X more comments Twitter: @PTBAssoc 13. Best Time To Post? When most of your followers are online Twitter: @PTBAssoc 14. Facebook: Insights>Posts Twitter: @PTBAssoc 15. Twitter: Tweriod Twitter: @PTBAssoc 16. My #1 Time Saving Tip ..SCHEDULING!!!! Twitter: @PTBAssoc 17. Scheduling Tools Facebook (schedule in Facebook) Twitter, Google+ Page & LinkedIn Use BufferApp Can be used to schedule posts, photos and quotes Twitter: @PTBAssoc 18. BufferApp Twitter: @PTBAssoc 19. BufferApp Twitter: @PTBAssoc 20. BufferApp Twitter: @PTBAssoc 21. What Can Be Scheduled/What Shouldnt Be Content to Automate: Links to blog posts and relevant articles Photos linked to timely events, i.e. first day of spring What Not to Automate: Direct messages on Twitter Future events that you cant predict, i.e. So happy to be on the sunny beaches of the Maldives its pouring rain Strive for a combination of scheduled content and real-time content Always take 5-10 minutes a day to respond to messages/replies, make comments on your social media platforms. It humanizes your brand. Twitter: @PTBAssoc 22. Time Summary: What 15 Minutes a Day Looks Like 15 minutes/day x 7 days = 105 minutes Monday: Scheduling for the week: 20 minutes, 10 minutes replying/commenting, 5 minutes unfollowing in ManageFlitter Tuesday Thursday : 10 minutes getting new followers-ManagerFlitter, 5 minutes replying/commenting Friday: 5 minutes replying/commenting Saturday/Sunday: 0 minutes 20 Minutes remaining: Creating/monitoring Facebook ads, Twitter Chat, more commenting etc. Total: 105 minutes Twitter: @PTBAssoc 23. Summary Be Where Your Audience Is Give Them What They Want (Analyze your past successes and repeat, repeat, repeat) Post When your Audience is online Schedule posts on social media once a week Find a balance between scheduled content and real-time content Create engagement: Talk WITH your followers, not TO your followers Look at your timeline: would you want to follow your account? Twitter: @PTBAssoc 24. Thank You! Questions Laurel Robbins @Laurel_Robbins, Michael Hodson @GoSeeWrite, Laurence Norah @Lozula, For PTBA inquiries Twitter: @PTBAssoc