How To Manage Your Social Media Presence in Just 10 Minutes A Day!

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How To Manage Your Social Media Presence in Just 10 Minutes A Day!. And be more popular than the local news guy!. Lets Get Real For A Minute. Is Social Media going away? Are you in it with both feet? Are your referral partners in it? Can it bring you more business? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>How To Manage Your Social Media in Just 10 Minutes A Day!</p> <p>How To Manage Your Social Media Presence in Just 10 Minutes A Day!</p> <p>And be more popular than the local news guy! 1Lets Get Real For A MinuteIs Social Media going away?Are you in it with both feet?Are your referral partners in it?Can it bring you more business?Is it the new database management?Is it a party or business? </p> <p>2Results</p> <p>The following data and charts are from the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner. The report stated that 69% of marketers who were using social media as part of their marketing efforts increased traffic or subscribers to their websites, and 58% generated qualified leads for their business. Thats powerful! Also, of businesses that were surveyed, over 92% were using Facebook as part of their marketing strategy, and 82% were using Twitter. 3Most Used Social Media</p> <p>By creating a solid social media routine, you can actually start reaping benefits for your business. And in case you eventually want to move beyond the ten minutes a day program, there is a strong correlation between spending more time using social media tools and business growth. According to the study, the majority of marketers (more than 63%) spend at least 1-10 hours a week using social media received lead generation results. Not bad! 4Minutes and Hours Per Week</p> <p>5Setting Some GoalsWhat are you trying to accomplish </p> <p>Do you want to engage and interact more</p> <p>Drive more people to your website</p> <p>Build your brand</p> <p>Build your database (Bigger list that know like and some day trust you)</p> <p>Generate leads</p> <p>Create Buzz</p> <p>6Prepping For Your New RoutineGet setup on all the networks you would like to cover</p> <p>Twitter AccountLinkedIn AccountFacebook PersonalFacebook BusinessFacebook Group(s)Pinterest Account</p> <p>When setting up your networks make sure you include the following</p> <p>Photo and/ or logoLinks back to your websiteContent about you and your company</p> <p>Ask or have your assistants and partners set up accounts to help promote you!</p> <p>7What Should You Be MonitoringFacebook</p> <p>KidsGrandkidsPhotosLove for somethingBirthdaysGraduationsContestsLife</p> <p>These days, the content on Facebook almost fully mirrors many individuals lives. </p> <p>84 Ways People Can Interact On Facebook That You Should Be MonitoringWall PostsCommentsLikesRecommendations (New and requires a plugin)News Feed (Lets Talk about This)9The Facebook News FeedA feed of what Facebook calculates is the most relevant and important items occurring in your network.</p> <p>Goal</p> <p>to react to important items in your business News Feed and get your wall posts featured in others News Feeds.</p> <p>10You dont want to overwhelm your wall with too many posts per day. </p> <p>In fact, doing so may prevent your posts from getting into your followers news feeds. </p> <p>Best practices for Facebook suggest one to two posts per day as the ideal number.</p> <p>11TwitterRelevant questions about your company</p> <p>Relevant questions about your industry</p> <p>Requests for support</p> <p>Complaints and feedback</p> <p>Praise</p> <p>Competitor mentions</p> <p>Industry leaders</p> <p>12LinkedInLinkedIn Answers (</p> <p>Group Discussions</p> <p>13Google +Google is introducing Direct Connect, a feature that will let searchers call up a google+ page by simply adding a "+" before their queries</p> <p>Comments</p> <p>Circle Streams</p> <p>14Pinterest!How to integrate and automate Pinterest using </p> <p>RSS (Really Simple Syndication)Push to your social media sites of choice.</p> <p>15Seriously?So you should be involved In and managing </p> <p>Facebook TwitterLinkedInGoogle +</p> <p>But Scott you forgot about Pinterest and</p> <p>I run a Mortgage company not a social media company. There is no way I can manage all this in 10 minutes a day, I cant even do this in an hour a day! </p> <p>16Okay My Secret!</p> <p>17Its Free Up To 5 Social Profiles</p> <p>18Step 2</p> <p>19Step 3</p> <p>20Connect With Facebook</p> <p>21Sign In To Facebook</p> <p>22Choose Your Pages and Groups</p> <p> Invite</p> <p>24</p>