How To Manage Your Social Media Presence in Just 10 Minutes A Day!

Download How To Manage Your Social Media Presence in Just 10 Minutes A Day!

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How To Manage Your Social Media Presence in Just 10 Minutes A Day!. And be more popular than the local news guy!. A Couple Things You Will Need. The Next 4 Slides Provided by JD Rucker. Like | Connection | Follow. What does just one of these mean to your business? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How To Manage Your Social Media in Just 10 Minutes A Day!

How To Manage Your Social Media Presence in Just 10 Minutes A Day!

And be more popular than the local news guy! 1A Couple Things You Will Need

The Next 4 Slides Provided byJD Rucker

Like | Connection | FollowWhat does just one of these mean to your business?

If you dont engage and interact with themThe average Facebook user has 245 friends. But the average friend on Facebook has 359 friends.Pew Centers Internet and American Life Project.

Get This!

Have You?Made a list of everyone you knowThat knows, likes and trusts you?Made Friends, Connected or Followed themOn FacebookOn LinkedInOn PinterestTwitter (The Younger Crowd)Google + (Circles)

Reached out to them on a monthly basisEmailFacebookHand written post cardLinkedInTextTweetGoogle +Results

The following data and charts are from the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner. The report stated that 69% of marketers who were using social media as part of their marketing efforts increased traffic or subscribers to their websites, and 58% generated qualified leads for their business. Thats powerful! Also, of businesses that were surveyed, over 92% were using Facebook as part of their marketing strategy, and 82% were using Twitter. 11Most Used Social Media

By creating a solid social media routine, you can actually start reaping benefits for your business. And in case you eventually want to move beyond the ten minutes a day program, there is a strong correlation between spending more time using social media tools and business growth. According to the study, the majority of marketers (more than 63%) spend at least 1-10 hours a week using social media received lead generation results. Not bad! 12Minutes and Hours Per Week

13Setting Some GoalsWhat are you trying to accomplish?Past clients and their friends, family and co-workersBuild deeper relationships with those that know, like and trust you

Block out 10 -15 minutes a day to engage and interactPast clients, current clients, go deep with them on a friendship level

Drive more people to your website

Build your brand

Build your database (More people that know like and trust you)

Generate leads

Create Buzz

14Prepping For Your New RoutineGet set up on all the networks you would like to cover

Twitter AccountLinkedIn AccountFacebook PersonalFacebook BusinessFacebook Group(s)Pinterest AccountGoogle +

When setting up your networks make sure you include the following:

Photo and/ or logoLinks back to your websiteContent about you and your company

Ask or have your assistants and partners set up accounts to help promote you!

15What Should You Be MonitoringFacebook

Reverse engineering (Clients)KidsGrandkidsPhotosLove for somethingBirthdaysGraduationsContestsLife

These days, the content on Facebook almost fully mirrors many individuals lives.

16My Favorite App

4 Ways People Can Interact On Facebook That You Should Be MonitoringWall PostsCommentsLikesSharesPrivate messages18Important Settings

You dont want to overwhelm your wall with too many posts per day.

In fact, doing so may prevent your posts from getting into your followers news feeds.

Best practices for Facebook suggest 3 posts per day at the mostMorningLunchLate afternoon

20TwitterRelevant questions about your company

Relevant questions about your industry

Requests for support

Complaints and feedback


Competitor mentions

Industry leaders

21LinkedInProfile Group DiscussionsYou can be a part 50 groups

22Google +Google is introducing Direct Connect, a feature that will let searchers call up a Google+ page by simply adding a "+" before their queries


Circle Streams


Pinterest!How to integrate and automate Pinterest using

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)Push to your social media sites of choice.

25Katie Lances 5 Tips I Agree WithBe ConsistentHave a Content StrategyNever Forget: Real Estate is LocalDip Your Toe Into More Than One StreamFind a Way to Measure the Success of Your Efforts

Seriously?So you should be involved in and managing

Facebook TwitterLinkedInGoogle +

But Scott you forgot about Pinterest and

I run a Real Estate company not a social media company. There is no way I can manage all this in 10 minutes a day, I cant even do this in an hour a day!

Okay My Secret!

30Its Free Up To 5 Social Profiles

31Step 2

32Step 3

33Connect With Facebook

34Sign In To Facebook

35Choose Your Pages and Groups

36One Post In Hootsuite