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Minutes of the 1st day of the 29th Buklod Atenista Congress


  • 29th Buklod Atenista Summer Congress Day 1 May 28, 2012

    1. Welcoming Message by Dr. Lina Wong 2. Recap of Events by Cate Sison

    3. 1st session: Sustainable governance

    c/o Misamis Oriental Governor, Gov. Oscar Moreno

    Impeachment o Fundamental Principles

    Accountability Three Branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and

    Judiciary Check and balance Independence Some divisions have powers that others dont have

    o Special mode of disciplining officials o Not all officials are subject to impeachment

    Mode of discipline o Members in the legislative cannot be removed except by themselves (2/3

    vote of the senate) o Can only be initiated in the lower house with the involvement or

    participation of at least one member of the lower house (endorsed or signed)

    Stages: 1) refered to Committee on Justice, 2) determination of sufficiency of substance and data, 3) finding of the primo faci case (reason to believe that he violated something) and elevated

    o Trial is in the Senate. If the president is being impeached, the Chief Justice is the presiding officer, otherwise, its the Senate President.

    o Plenary of at least 1/3 can overrule the decision of the Committee on Justice (What happened in the Erap impeachment)

    o Its normal to fiscalize the administration o Ombudsman is more powerful than the President

    Explains the story of an overruling of the DoJ ruling. There comes a point in your life when you are asked what to do, and the more

    difficult road is the right road There is a need for the younger people to get involved Questions:

    o Gigi: Pinakamadaling experience and pinakamahirap? Easy: Seeing people happy when you serve and level of

    fulfillment Hardest: All sorts of problems. The more you extend a helping

    hand, the more you realize that your hand is short. There are more people to help out there.

    o Gigi: What do you hold on to despite the hardships? Desire to help, and the fact that your children are happy and the

    people you help are happy o Alexis: As a politician, how do you deal with those problems?

    Iba-iba. My ambition is to go back because my whole family is in Manila. So I wish to serve and then go back to the private-sector. My ambition is what keeps me strong.

    o Alexis: Have you already committed sins? I have many sins. I have more private sins than public sins.

    o Gio: Why did you decide to go to the public sector? It was my being a provincial. If I had not left the private sector, I

    would have been richer. I did not get a single centavo from the public sector, but I got a senior citizen card. I did not like politics,

  • then during 1992, there was a new governor is Cebu city, and the first thing that the new governor did was to question everything the previous administration has done in terms of their deals with external corporations. It was more political than anything so the group concluded that they needed a politician-lawyer to solve it. I got included with Pimentel to his visits to Cebu to solve the case. Time moved on and then I was transformed, and started saying that Politics is okay. At my first attempt, I lost because people didnt know me because I was placed in Manila.

    o Peter: What makes a politician not corrupt Thats hard. Because people look up to you as a provider of

    everything. So what makes you less corrupt is when you bring services to people in the best way possible using the government funds and resources

    o Peter: Sustainability of government agencies when it comes to the ones who are not elected at large? How is it done?

    Vigilance. There are people who express their shock. Whats hard is that there is no president who starts at 0. Noynoy inherited a bureaucracy. Its better to be a legislator. Whats the difference? Legislators have equity in terms of material possessions (same cars) and procedures (learn throughout the way). You also dont need bureaucracy. You are always relevant. However, in executive, no matter how good you are, you dont get a brand new car. You get the car of your predecessor. No matter how good your ideas are, you will still need bureaucracy. It is the bureaucracy that makes it happen.

    The answer: Pressure from the people. Its not going to be easy but hopefully, the 6 years of PNoy will be enough to start something.

    o Nicole: The citizens always get the idea that politics in the Philippines is hopeless, as someone who experienced it first hand, is it really hopeless?

    Never lose hope. Its not hopeless. Someday, you will be a politician.

    o Nicole: How? Its in us. Dont look at others to change. Its in yourself.

    o Mau: Do you have any plans of running? No

    o Alexis: Given this situation that Im a voter, can you give us a reason on why I should vote for you and why I shouldnt vote for you.

    Yes: You will vote for me, because you would want CDO to be brought back to its glorious state

    Not: I see no reason why you shouldnt vote for me. I dont buy votes. Pwede pa sa Misamis Oriental

    o Tesh: Inherit ugly system, so what are your suggestions to PNoy on where he should target the system?

    Bureaucracy. Its the most difficult thing to handle in government service. That idea came to me when I came to office because my predecessor really broke down the car. So we had to display them for months. So it entered my mind that you inherit the car of your predecessor so I have to make it again. Bureaucracy is the hardest, and once you fix that, everything else follows. This impeachment, I dont know what will happen. Its a really hard case because if CJ does not get impeached, then what message will it bring to the Filipino people. I dont know how the youth will take it. On the other hand, the others are very careful with separation of powers. Never again will we have a one-man ruleit was disastrous for our country. Martial law has taught us not to

  • have those again and the danger here is the system of checks and balances might be broken. The effect that the impeachment may bring. But then of course, we need reform

    o Tesh: So what can you suggest that the current bureaucracy should change?

    System. Reform in 5 areas: Revenue side (encourage local governments to generate revenues), Engineering side, Human Resource management, Internal Audit (its a norm, but in government its strange), and Procurement. Australian government picked provinces for pilot provincesDavao del Norte, Lanao del Norte, Misamis Oriental, Aklan, etc. Lanao del Norte joining this project, I have no reason to doubt that they will succeed. If they succeed, Lanao del Sur will not be far behind because there is competition between those two. So with LdS doing the same thing, North Cotabato will not be far behind. So, its not useless. Its not hopeless. There is hope. And we are seeing some discernable changes. Mindanao, today, is very much different with the Mindanao when we were your age.

    o BJ: Having defined corruption, can you rate the corruption in Mis. Or.? 3.

    o BJ: How do you fight this corruption? Overtime. Im now very unpopular because I changed the way

    things were done. o Kayla: Were trying to propose Bantay Opisyal and were trying to ban

    red plates from entering Ateneo (explains the situation). What do you think about it?

    If you ban it, freedom of travel and other constitutional rights will be violated. But you can expose them. [What if you do need to bring your kid to school, what will you do about that?] Some change their plates. Avoid. Most likely use private plates but to ban that, then there will be some constitutional issues involved so the best way is to expose them.

    o Sammy: was there any instance wherein you encountered a problem in politics and your family was affected?

    Im no saint. There was a time where there was an issue on marital infidelity and my son defended me.

    o Dean: Related to the constitution of CDO, 1) Will you run for our mayor? 2) Situationer on the political dynasty whose been hurting CDO so much. What is your plans for CDO? 3) We hope to hear more from you and your plans in the future.

    1) Yes 2) I filed last May 7 an application for the transfer of my

    legislation. Im not running for any position except this but Im not prepared to make any announcements because its too early. Plans, 1st lets bring back the glory of CDO. Its a very historic, strategic cityits the Crown Jewel in the upper half of Mindanao. Its right in the middle from east to west and very close to the visayas. Its the center of commerce, trade, education, government, and the hub (travel by sea and land). Anywhere you are, you can come to CDO and the problem is, it is not a competitive city.

    3) Health and Education. These are very empowering services. The idea of government is you empower the people. Its so that the people will be served so that you will not even think of the government. Education, its a great equalizer. Its important to have universities. These are the two most important services because theyre very empowering.

  • Clear values and principles is needed for a sustained government. That is the edge of an Atenean student leadermen and women for others.

    4. No to Open-pit Mining

    c/o Ateneo de Davao University Background

    o Integrate the issue of No to Mining in Palawan to Mindanao. o Started by Ms. Regina Lopez in her Save Palawan Movement o Aim: Raise 10M signatures for the government to take a stand against

    mining in Palawan o Goal: 1) Protect the Biodiversity, 2) Secure food security, 3) not the only

    path to economic development, 4) demonstrated no protocols in controlling mining

    Update: o One million signatures from A