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    • Monuments deserved
    • Historic monuments
    • Monuments of artists
    • Other
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    • Jzef Pisudski - independence operator
    • polish, commander
    • military, politician.
    • Monument of him is
    • placed on L ithuanian
    • S quare .
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    • Maria Curie Skodowska - p hysicist and chemist,
    • polish nationality . She was discovered
    • t wo new radicals : radium and polon.
    • Monument of her is
    • placed on square of
    • her name, near
    • University.
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    • Jan Pawe II and cardinal Stefan Wyszyski - Jan Pawe II was pope in years 1978-2005, and also poet, actor and e ducator. Cardinal
    • Stefan Wyszyski was
    • him friend. Monument
    • of their is placed on
    • coutryard of
    • Catholic University
    • of Lublin.
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    • Constitution of Third May act adjusting legal structure of Polish Republic Both Nations. This constitution was the first in Europe and second in the world, modern written down constitution. Monument
    • of this holy is placed on
    • L ithuanian Square.
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    • Monuments of Majdanek - concentration camp, in which kept mainly Jews, during II World War. This monuments are placed in place of this camp.
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    • Monument of Unia Lubelska included 1.07.1569 international agreement Polish K ingdoms with G reat L ithuanian P rincipality .Monument of Unia Lubelska is placed on Lithuanian Square.
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    • Henryk Wieniawski- he was polish composer and violinist. Him first teacher was him mother, next Jan Hornziel and Stanisaw Serwaczyski. Him monument is placed near Philharmonic of Lublin.
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    • Jzef Czechowicz he was a polish poet, who
    • wrote many poem about Lublin. Him most famous
    • poems are: On village, Front and Death. Him monument is placed on the Jzef Czechowicz Square.
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    • Jan Kochanowski he is a prominent polish poet of renaissance epoch. He was born in Zwole, near Lublin, but later he transmited to Czarnolas, where now is standing him country manor. Him monument is
    • standing on the
    • Narutowicz Street.
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    • Monument of Independent Spare Battalion - it was the first unit of War Navy in Peoples Polish Troop. This battalion didnt take part in the battles. This monument is placed
    • on the Wojciechowska
    • Street.
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    • Monument of Officers of Front School many peoples from this school was fighting for freedom of homeland in eyars 1944-1945. This monument is placed on the Paratrooper Street.
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