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Hanna [CZ], Elena [RO], Stratos [GR]KNOSSOS

Knossos is one of the major cities of Crete and it is also considered Europes oldest city. It is situated in Heraklion. Arthur Evans, the British Archaeologist who excavated the site in 1900 AD restored large parts of the palace.


The palace is set around a large Central Court, an area used for public meetings. A second courtyard, the West Court, acted both as the official approach to the palace and a ceremonial area.

Knossos Palace

It was a multi-storey building covering an area of 20.000 square meters. Impressive features of it are the variety of building materials used, and the painted plaster, marble revetment and wall-paintings adorning the rooms and passages. Knossos Palace

The civilization in Knossos was peaceful. They didnt fight with others. We can see it through the pictures that were drawn. Knossos Culture

Minoan were appeared since the Bronze age in Europe (2600 BC- 1100 BC). The Minoans were primarilycommercialpeople engaged in overseas trade. Evans figured the saffron was used for dye and was a prominent industry for the Minoans.Other archaeologists tend to emphasize the more durable items of trade: ceramics, copper, and tin, and dramatic luxury finds ofgoldandsilver.Minoan Civilization

Knowledge of the spoken and written language of the Minoans is scant, due to the small number of records found. Clay tablets dating to around 3000 BC were found with the various Cretan scripts.Sometimes the Minoan language is referred to asEteocretan.

Language and writing


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