early aegean civilization october 3, 2007. minoans  ca. 2000-1200 b.c.  based on crete ...

Download Early Aegean Civilization October 3, 2007. Minoans  Ca. 2000-1200 B.C.  Based on Crete  Palace at Knossos  Discovered by Arthur Evans

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  • Early Aegean CivilizationOctober 3, 2007

  • MinoansCa. 2000-1200 B.C.Based on CretePalace at KnossosDiscovered by Arthur Evans

  • Minoans (2)Seafaring CultureCommercial economyTrade with EgyptRelatively peacefulKing and bureaucracy

  • Minoans (3)Minoans in Greek mythKing Minos and LabyrinthTheseus mythSudden collapseThera?Mycenaeans?

  • MycenaeansCa. 1600-1100 B.C.Inhabited the Greek mainland Numerous monarchies based in hill fortresses, palace complexes

  • Heinrich SchliemannAmateur archeologistWas convinced Greek epics were grounded in factExcavationsMycenaeTroy

  • Mycenaean CultureViolentfrequent warfareArt (pottery, weapons)Trojan War (12th c.?)Peak 1400-1200Collapse around 1100

  • Homer: The PoetThe importance of the poet in the cityWas Homer a real person?Head of the literary tradition for Western civilizationIliad and Odyssey: the Greeks Bible

  • Iliad: PlotBackgroundJudgment of ParisSeduction of HelenAchaean invasion of TroyAchilles and Agamemnon quarrelAchilles leaves the fighting

  • Iliad: Plot (2)Desperation of AchaeansPatroclus rallies Achaeans but is killedAchilles reenters fight, kills Hector, desecrates bodyPriam begs for Hectors body, Achilles gives inAftermath: Trojan Horse, Death of Achilles

  • Characters of the IliadAchilles



  • Themes in The IliadWarfareHonor and GloryImmortalityFateThe godsAchilles Shield