the chicken or the egg? sequencing game. rome or knossos, crete knossos knossos

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The Chicken or the egg?

The Chicken or the egg?Sequencing game

Rome or Knossos, CreteKnossosAlexander or CyrusCyrusQin or Delhi SultanateQinIbn Battuta or MuhammadMuhammadAssyrians or Sea PeopleSea PeopleCarthaginians or Mycenaean MycenaeansHan or TangHanShi Huangdi or ZhouZhouLouis XIV or Peter the GreatLouisSt. Petersburg or MoscowMoscowColumbus to the New World or Da Gama to CalicutColumbusFounding of Jamestown or Phillip vs Elizabeth1588 Phillip vs ElizabethFall of Constantinople or Fall of MingConstantinopleMing fall to Qing in 1644Songhai Empire or Mali EmpireMaliTreaty of Tordesillas or Treaty of NerchinskTordesillasOttoman Empire or Mughal EmpireOttomanSpanish in the Philippines or colony at RoanokePhilippinesRise of Mongols or Zheng HeMongolsGenghis or Charles VGenghisSugar in the New World or Coffee in BrazilSugarSuleiman the Magnificent or Mehmet the ConquerorMehmetTokugawa Shogunate or Japanese invasion of KoreaInvasion of Korea47 Ronin commit suicide or Fall of the MingMing 1644 Ronin 1702Kingdom of Ghana or Mansu MusaGhanaUrbanization or Cuneiform UrbanizationBabar or AkbarBabarHinduism or BuddhismHinduismOR