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1. June 2007 Stuck In the Mud Joey Hipp 9 Where Change Begins John Maxwell 12 Secrets to Trusting God Joyce Meyer 27 Register NOW for the 25th Annual Womens Convention! See pages 15 & 16. Rest and Restoration Don Colbert, M.D. 13 The Penny HONOr DAD! Fathers Day June 17 Joyce Meyer Page 19 2. 1 www.joycemeyer.org June 2007 2 ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE Straight From The Heart All of us go through difficult times in our lives, and like a ship in a storm, we need help to remain steady. A ship has an anchor to help it hold steady, and in Hebrews 6:19, it says that the anchor of our soul is hope. When you and I base our hope firmly on God and His Word, we may feel the wind and waves, but in the end we will not be moved. During a storm, hope gives us the ability to look at things as they are and still be confident that something better is coming. That makes hope a very powerful and important quality for you and me to haveespecially in times of trouble. In fact, I believe its the foundation that our faith must be built on. In John 16:33, Jesus said that in this life we would have tribulation. No onenot even Godcan promise that we will never have to deal with disappointment or trouble. But the important thing is that we never stop hoping. Maintaining a positive attitude and holding on to our hope puts us in a position to see Gods miracle- working power. Romans 8:28 says, all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose. I can remember a time in my life years ago when I had a negative, hopeless attitude. My whole philosophy was that if I didnt hope for anything good, then I wouldnt be disappointed when it didnt happen. I had been hurt and abused a lot while growing up, and I thought that I could protect myself from more pain by thinking that way. Thankfully, I learned to place my hope in God and believe for the good things He had planned for my life! The enemy would love to do the same thing to youto get you to stay focused on all the pain and disappointment youve experienced. Why? So that you give up hope and expect bad things to happen for the rest of your life. But you can learn to say no to his plan of despair for your life and choose to say yes to Gods plan of hope. In Jeremiah 29:11, it says His plans for you are for a good future and to give you hope! This month, as we celebrate Fathers Day, I encourage you to get in agreement with your Father in heaven and say, I receive Gods bless- ings for me and I will walk in His plan for my life, because my hope is in Him. Defeat the enemy by firmly placing your hope in God and fighting back with the promises in His Word.As you read this months magazine, I pray you will make up your mind that God is good, that He has a good plan for you, and that you are going to have it! Believing for His best, Credits Publisher Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. Executive Editor Dan Meyer Managing Editor Mischelle Wieczorek Director of Design Brian Illig Staff Writers Vincent Newfield Chad Trafton Teri Rowe Alisa Folkes Art Director Josh Boston Graphic Designers Alicia Reed Dan McCullough Greg Holtzmann Kevin Kelly Production Artists George Dill Jeff Douglas Marissa Schaefer Photographers Ben Moss Wayne Armstrong Dario Acosta George Dill Mike Leavitt Editorial Proofreaders Carolyn Coley Jana Picou Susan Hutchison Andrea Goodson Dar Wood Production Coordinators Tammy Roller Bill Schlick Monica Johnson Melody Fosse Every Nation . . . Every City . . . Every Day . . . All Bible references are from The Amplified Bible unless otherwise noted. In Canada: Publications Mail Agreement No. 40030597 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Joyce Meyer Ministries Canada Lambeth Box 1300 London, ON N6P 1T5 cpcreturns@wdsmail.com Enjoying Everyday Lifeis published monthly by Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, Fenton, MO USA 2007 Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. Publications Agreement No. 40030597. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Enjoying Everyday Life has no subscription price and is supported through contributions worldwide. All gifts to this ministry are tax-deductible (in countries where this applies). Because all Enjoying Everyday Life issues are preplanned, we are unable to accept unsolicited manuscripts. For more information or to order, call locally (636) 349-0303 or toll-free 1-800-727-9673. Internet address: www.joycemeyer.org. Enjoying Everyday Life is a registered trademark of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. [J] is also a registered trademark of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. Contents Volume 21 | Number 6 | June 2007 Straight From The Heart TV Broadcast Schedule Jesus In Everyday Life Conference Calendar America At Its Best Real Life Perspectives Ask Joyce 1 8 17 25 30 32 33 The Word of Their Testimony By David L. Meyer Page 3 Are we really making a difference? Yes! But dont just take our word for it. Read these amazing stories of new life and new hope from people worldwide. Stuck In the Mud By Joey Hipp Page 9 Do you feel trapped in a certain situation in life like youre never going to break free? Dont give up hope. There is a way out! Where Change Begins By John Maxwell Page 12 Just as the headlights on a car light the road ahead, what goes on in our head lights the way to change in our lives. Rest and Restoration By Don Colbert, M.D. Page 13 Life can be a dreamif youre awake to enjoy it. Discover the eye-opening value of a good nights sleep. The Penny By Joyce Meyer Page 19 Whet your appetite for a good story with a select slice of Joyces very first novel based on her own life. Secrets to Trusting God By Joyce Meyer Page 27 Learn how taking steps of faith causes your faith to grow and enables you to see the glory of God like never before. World Missions Guest Feature The Leaders Edge Health Matters Feature Article Bonus Feature JOYCEMEYERPHOTOGRAPHEDBYDARIOACOSTA 3. June 2007 43 www.joycemeyer.org W orld missions Revelation 12:11 says that we overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.There is such power in not only speaking out what we believe but also proclaiming to others what great things God has done in our lives. Each month, through our ministry magazine, you hear from us how your support is trans- forming peoples lives all around the world. Now we want you to hear from them. We believe you will be blessed by Ranis story, which represents thousands of precious people each year who benefit from our foreign-language books. In addition, we have included just a small sample of the thousands of letters we receive each month in response to our groundbreaking outreaches around the world. Are we really making a difference? Yes! But dont just take our word for itsit back and enjoy these amazing testimonies from the very people your support is reachingpeople who are expe- riencing new life and new hope because you have decided to give. Friends and partners, you could never put a price on things like freedom, hope or salvation. But somehow, as we join together and give our best, God takes it and makes a miracleand He uses it to transform hearts and lives all across the globe. Thank you for all that you do to make testimonies like these a reality. God bless you! A Life Restoredand a Dream Come True Hi, my name is Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar (Rani), and I am thirty years old. For ten years I was one of Indias top models. However, years ago, I suffered a major setback in my life that haunted me and left me scarred for a long time to come. It made me doubt myself and stripped me of any self-worth entitled to a human being. I felt judged, and I felt like I wasnt good enough. As a result, I totally gave up on life. I had it allglamour, fame, money, and I got to travel the world with my work. I was even part of a successful business family and had parents who embraced God in all spheres of their lives. Yet, in spite of having all that, it was not enough to save me from the demons in my head. Peace was not mine. I had faith in God, but the devil had succeeded in shaking my faith. At that time, I was seeking answers and was even talking to God. I begged Him to send an angel of mercy. I pleaded with Him to save me, hoping He would make me live again. I looked many places for answersI read tons (continued on page 6) ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE Abeer,Saudi Arabia I am a twenty-two-year-old Saudi girl. Unfortunately I was born to a Muslim fam- ily. I have been watching your programs for a while, and I want to thank you for your excellent effort to expose the lies of Islam and reveal the truth about Christ. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for rescuing my life from ignorance and for enlightening my path. As a girl in a Muslim society, I badly need you to help me take further steps towards living my life in Christ Jesus. Hossein,Iran I am twenty-six years old and got saved four months ago through your TV programs. One of my friends named Alireza had got saved about twenty days earlier than me. So we both started sharing what we had learned with our friends and family. After we gave our hearts to Jesus, He set both of us free from drugs. Later, we found a river near our small town and we baptized each other! 4. June 2007 6 of philosophy and spiritual books in the hope of getting some peace, but nothing really helped. I was lost and I needed helpand only God could have helped me. And He did! I dont know how or when, but I came across a book by a lady named Joyce Meyer. I had never heard of her, but her book was definitely sent to me by God. I had been seeking God and pleading with Him, but little did I know that she was part of the answer. Its said that God talks to you through various waysand I believe that.Youve got to just listen and have faith that He will answer. So, I read Joyces books and, to cut a long story short, God spoke to me through her books and gave me a reason to live