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1. Iowa State University DiningBy, Zoe Sullivan, JiYoung Hur,Bailey Jo Dop, and Kenora Wallace 2. HistoryIn the early 1960s there were few vending machineslocated around campus offering simple snacks.Today offering many vending machines and dininglocations around campus.Seasons thenewest dininglocation opened in2009 3. Allergies ?Do you have allergies to certain foods?Nuts ? Look at the ingredient sign on the glass abovewhere all ingredients are noted! Still not sure? Asksomeone! They can make sure your eating needs arecorrectly and safely met!!!Gluten ? There is a toaster that has never touched anygluten products so no worrying!!!What do I do need to do to have my dietary needsmet??? 4. Vegetarian?The dining areas offer manychoices of meatless foods.How do you know if it is avegetarian dish?If something is marked withMeans vegetarian!!!And no worries this is offered atall dining locations!!! 5. ProgramsMeal plansTo-go programReligious practice 6. OrganizationIsu cateringMemorial union cateringSheman catering 7. Branding :isu dining websiteIsu dining label at top and sideSmiling peopleThe color green reminds people of health 8. Other websitesUniversity of Iowa, plane: lots of scrollingUniversity of northern Iowa, pictures of people, a lotlike Iowa state universitysSome colleges a password is needed to navigatethrough the website. 9. How morals and values are fulfilled Student needs Up to date facilities Capital for growth


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