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Iowa State update. Rupa Dumpala, Joaquin Peralta, Scott Broderick. Simulations / DFT setup. Initial configuration and settings for Si pseudopotential. Choosing Ultrasoft / Norm conserved / other Defining cutoff for Si more than 23 pseudopotentials available in QE. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Iowa State update

Iowa StateupdateRupa Dumpala, Joaquin Peralta, Scott BroderickSimulations / DFT setupInitial configuration and settings for Si pseudopotential.Choosing Ultrasoft / Norm conserved / otherDefining cutoff for Simore than 23 pseudopotentials available in QE.Initial configuration and settings for O pseudopotentialmore than 26 available in QE.Choose settings like the Si case.Looking for preliminary works in H and H2O.Simulations / DFT setupMethodologyCarr Parrinello vs Bon Oppenheimer MD, in QE.Updating background before making choice.Time step and final simulation time required about 5psPreparing the Si-9 / O (after that, if it works well, simulate H and H2O too).

Si surface simulated using QE, the number of atoms was around 100. The time comparatives do not compare because the electric field was incorporated into this simulation. Without an electric field the simulation is considerably faster.Interfaces studyuse of algorithm and classical molecular dynamics to improve the reconstruction process from Atom Probe Tomography. Analysis and study of specific interfaces by means of DFT. This example show a grain boundary and the associated charge density of the sample. The goal it is study the variation of this charge density around the interfacial zone in the presence of an electric field. The presence of high electric field is one of the operational characteristics of the APT.Experimental Data Format


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