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Gregory Yankey Fall 2012 Professional Development. Inserting Video Into PowerPoint. Sources for Videos. Youtube General PowerPoint Tips. Use the standard color schemes. Dont get creative. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Inserting Video Into PowerPoint</p> <p>Inserting Video Into PowerPointGregory YankeyFall 2012 Professional DevelopmentSources for</p> <p>General PowerPoint TipsUse the standard color schemes. Dont get creative.Dont put text OVER pictures so that it is difficult to read.Dont overwhelm students with too much text on a slide.Funny Clip about PowerPointInserting Video from YoutubeIn PowerPoint 2010 Microsoft has made it EASY for you by updating the software insert embed code in a few clicks.The only problem I have found is that when using Youtube you need to use the OLD embed code.In PowerPoint 2007 and before you have to use a technique to alter the link in order to play the video through PowerPoint.Note that BOTH of these techniques requires an open internet connection.In PowerPoint 2007Must have developer tab opened!Go to PowerPoint OptionsPopularShow developer tab and ribbon.Power Point 2007: Find a Youtube video you want to use. Highlight and copy the URL.</p> <p>Tinkering with the URL</p> <p>;list=PLB22AFD557520F113Take out watch?Replace the = with a / (forward slash)</p> <p>MAKE SURE YOU DONT ACCIDENTALLY PUT IN EXTRA SPACES WHEN YOU ARE ALTERING THE URL. IF YOU DO IT WONT WORK. THIS IS AN EASY MISTAKE TO MAKE.Click on the developer tabFind the controls bar and click on the tools button.</p> <p>The More Controls box comes up.Scroll down to Shockwave Flash Object</p> <p>Hit okay and draw your box of where you will put the videoRight click and go to propertiesThis box will come up.Go to Movie and paste in the altered url.Thats the one you took out watch? and changed the equal sign to a forward slash /Close the box, and when you start the PowerPoint it should work.</p> <p>Watch how this person teaches in it on YoutubePower Point 2010: Find a Youtube video you want to use. Click the Share button.</p> <p>Press the Embed button.</p> <p>Click Use old embed code</p> <p>Use LiveWebLink to PDF instructions PowerPoint Add-In: This page contains the link for the add ins for both PP 2007 and later and for PP 97-2003. you use the add-in it will ask you to enable macros to carry out this task.</p>