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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software recover all your lost or deleted photos and other multimedia files from your camera, memory card and hard disk in their exact quality. The software scans the entire storage device for the lost photos and video files. Software will generate a preview of the recovered photos. Select the files from the preview and then store them to the computer/laptop. Stellar photo recovery software supports various camera brands for the photo recovery.


<ul><li>1.How to Recover Deleted Photos from storage media...?CAMERA MEMORY CARDHARD DISK Stellar Information Systems Ltd.</li></ul> <p>2. Questions that can be answered...Q. Are you suffering from deleted photo issue...?Q. Are you thinking how I can recover Deleted or lost photos...?Q. Are you looking for a tool that can recover all your lost photos...? Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 3. Reasons for Photos and video file loss...1. Accidentally deleting photos and video files.2. Hardware problem or corruption3. Due to virus attack4. Damaged Storage Media5. Incomplete Read/Write Operation6. Formatting of the storage device (card, camera, hard drive etc.) Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 4. Interesting Facts Related To Photo Loss* People get confused and panic when photos get lost fromcamera or memory card* People want their photographs back in any condition* People think that photos are permanently deleted and theycant be able to recover photos in future* Recovery of the photos is possible as long as empty spacemarked as zero is not overwritten* There are so many photo recovery software available onthe internet that can bring back all your lost/deleted photos Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 5. About the Software...* A Photo Recovery software can recover all your lostdeleted or formatted photos, esteemed musiccollections, favourite videos and movie clips, andother multimedia files in their exact quality.* A Photo Recovery software scans the entire storagedevice to identify all the supported media file typesand restore them to their original specifications safely.* There is no need of any type of technical skills to runit. The Software GUI is purely user friendly and easyto useStellar Information Systems Ltd. 6. Work flow and options...* Scan the selected media for the photos.* Preview Generate a preview of the files that can beRecovered from the media.* Recover saves the recovered files into the computer on a hardDrive. Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 7. Steps to recover photos with a PhotoRecovery Software...* In the next few steps you will learn how to recover Lost photos from any storage media device.* Follow these steps one by one to recover the photos* Each step is ever simple* Search a photo recovery software on the internet andThen...Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 8. Download software and run on yoursystem...Open: - on the Free Download buttonStellar Information Systems Ltd. 9. Launch Stellar Phoenix Photo RecoverySoftware....Click on the recover photos button to start recovery Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 10. Select media for recovery... Select your drive from where you want to recover the photosStellar Information Systems Ltd. 11. Preview of recently deleted photos... Preview of deleted photos Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 12. Register the software for complete photo recovery...Click on Register button Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 13. Follow the steps for the payment...Click on the Buy Nowbutton Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 14. Thank You...For more information about the Photo Recovery SoftwarePlease Contact Stellar Information Systems Ltd. Suite 205, 1876 Route 27Edison, New Jersey 08817Tel. No. 1-877-778-6087 Stellar Information Systems Ltd. </p>