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Recover Trash mac files which you have deleted from trash or lost after emptying trash bin. Whatever is the reason for the loss of files from Trash, it is easy to recover deleted files from Trash mac.


  • 1. Recover Trash Mac

2. About Trash Recovery Software

  • Initially when you delete any file in the Mac it stored in Trash which is present at the right-hand side of the Dock. It is the area where all the files stored after deletion is stored. Here the deleted files are kept until you empty trash or restore it to view it again. But once the file gets deleted from the Trash it is very hard to get it back if its backup is not available. But withTrash Recoverysoftware you can recover deleted Mac's Trash data easily.

3. Situations of data loss from Macs Trash

  • Some of the situations which are responsible for data loss in Macs Trash includes
  • Deletion of file using Shift + Del
  • If you have deleted file in the way - Finder > Secure Empty Trash.
  • If you have accidentally deleted files from Trash.
  • If you have deleted file by choosing Empty Trash option from the Finder menu.
  • If file deleted without storing in Trash.
  • Dragging of any file to the Trash which empties the Trash without any notification.

4. Why You Need Trash Recovery software?

  • When any of users Mac data gets deleted from Trash it is really very hard to get it back because people use to recover their deleted data from Trash and once the data gets deleted itself from Trash then it is really a back breaking task to retrieve it back. So, in such strenuous situation the only way to recover the lost Trash data is to use third partyTrash Recoverysoftware which make the recovery of deleted Trash data easy, fast and efficient.

5. Ingenious features of Trash Recovery software

  • Some of the ingenious and efficient features ofTrash Recoverysoftware are
  • It restores deleted images, audio, video files even from emptied Trash.
  • It recovers lost photos from digital cameras, hard drive, memory cards and USB hard drive etc.
  • Recovers images even after formatting.
  • It supports almost all file formats including JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP etc.
  • Capable of previewing pictures.

6. How to use Trash Recovery software?

  • Try below mentioned steps to know, how to useTrash Recoverysoftware.
  • Step 1 To begin with, first install and launchTrash Recoverysoftware.

7. 8.

  • Step 2Choose Recovery Options for specific storage media.

9. 10.

  • Step 3Select the type of the file to be recovered .

11. 12.

  • Step 4 Select the specific region from where the file to be recovered.

13. 14.

  • Step 5 Select the type of scan or the scan method and start the scanning process to recover the files.

15. 16. System Requirements

  • Processor :Intel Power PC (G4 or later)
  • Operating System :OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger, and 10.3.9 Panther
  • Memory :256 MB
  • Hard Disk :40MB


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