mac photo recovery : how to recover deleted photos from camera

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2. 3. 4. Select the effected Media from the list Select the effected media from the list once you connect the SD card orthe memory card to your Mac, It will be deteced by the software and willbe listed here upon selectin the media click on Start Scan. 5. Narrow down the scan process Narrow down the scan process by selecting the desired file format as well as selectingthe range of scan from the storage media 6. Select the range of the desired storage mediamanually using the sliderthe Starting sector and the ending sector will show exact count. How to Select Range For The Scan 7. Create Image of the Selected Region Create image option provides you the option to select the desired area and Create the image of the selected region. 8. Recover Data Using Saved Image Select the saved image created earlier from the disk and click on continue to recoverthe data from the created Image 9. Save the scan for continuing the recovery process in future Select the previuosly saved scan from the system and clickcontinue to recover the deleted photos 10. Get the preview of all the deleted photos from the storage Media Click on the desired file to get the preview of the image, upon selectingthe files from the list click on recoverand the save the recovered images to the user defined location This is how you canrecover lost photos . Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery Software @ $39 Only