how to recover deleted files from usb stick

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Accidently delete files saved on USB stick? No worry! This presentation shows how to quickly recover deleted files from USB stick.


  • 1. How to Recover Deleted Files fromUSB Stick

2. Many people usually use a USB stick to backup importantfiles. When accidently deleted the files saved in the USB stick,is it possible to recover them? Yes, if you get the right method you can recover the deletedfiles with ease. Now through this presentation, you can seehow to quickly recover deleted files from USB stick. 3. What you need: Your USB stick on which you deleted files. Asunsoft Data Geeker. 4. Steps to recover deleted files:Part 1: Install Asunsoft Data Geeker on your computer.Part 2: Insert your USB stick into your computer.Part 3: Run Asunsoft Data Geeker. 5. 1. Select Deleted Recovery mode. Then click on Next. 6. 2. Select your USB stick drive letter. Then click on Scan. 7. 3. Asunsoft Data Geeker is scanning the deleted files onyour USB stick. 8. 4. Now scanning has been finished. All deleted files on your USBstick are displayed. Select the files you need to recover and click onRecover button. 9. 5. Select one folder to save the recovered files. You canselect any one location except your USB stick. Then click onOK. 10. 6. Now your deleted files are being recovered. 11. 7. Quickly, the deleted files on your USB stick aresuccessfully recovered. 12. 8. Click on OK on the small dialog saying Recovery isfinished and it will automatically open the folderwhere your deleted files are save.More information in