how to prepare a catchy power point presentation?

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  • 1. How to prepare a catchy PowerPoint presentation? Tips and tricks for an electronic presentation
  • 2. Technology
  • 3. Cont rast Light text on a dark background Dark text on a light background
  • 4. Light on dark Pluses: Looks expensive Its calming Minuses: Darkened room Powerful data projector
  • 5. Dark on light Pluses: Does not depend on light Easy to read Minuses: Isnt it too light?
  • 6. Cont rast Avoid using green text on a red background and red text on a green background
  • 7. Patterned background Disturbing Problems / scary with contrast Distracting
  • 8. Recommendation use dark text on light background
  • 9. Text Two types of letters: Fonts using letters with heels Fonts using letters without heels Serif Sans serif Example: Times Example: Arial
  • 10. Serif fonts Pluses: Easier for reading long texts Minuses: Looks old-fashioned Smaller (10%)
  • 11. Sans serif fonts Pluses: Modern and distinct Minuses: Harder for reading long texts
  • 12. Lower and UPPER case Lower case is easier to read THAN THE UPPER CASE Successful industrieslinked through vertical (buyer/supplier) and horizontal (common customers, technology, channels etc.) relationships (Michael Porter) Geographic concentrations of interconnected companies and institutions in a particular field (Michael Porter) SUCCESSFUL INDUSTRIES LINKED THROUGH VERTICAL (BUYER/SUPPLIER) AND HORIZONTAL (COMMON CUSTOMERS, TECHNOLOGY, CHANNELS ETC.) RELATIONSHIPS (MICHAEL PORTER) GEOGRAPHIC CONCENTRATIONS OF INTERCONNECTED COMPANIES AND INSTITUTIONS IN A PARTICULAR FIELD (MICHAEL PORTER)
  • 13. Recommendation ... use lower case size at least 28 highlights - bold alignment!
  • 14. Types of slides Bulleted / Numbered Diagrams Charts Visualization
  • 15. Bulleting / numbering To outline the message Only the essence Size of the bullets Different color Recommendation: 5 - 6 lines per slide
  • 16. Diagrams Logical Pay An processes attention to the direction appropriate visualization Step I. Statement Change Step II.
  • 17. Charts Highly recommended visualization Supports fact-based statements Tip: Change colors
  • 18. Visualization An appropriate complement to the text Makes presentation more catchy and easier to understand ClipArt or picture or
  • 19. Recommendation If possible avoid the Microsoft Gallery ClipArts
  • 20. Animations Text Bullets / lines Inserted objects Slides / pictures transition Shades
  • 21. Animation of text From Left From Right From Top From Bottom Zoom In Grow & Turn Swivel Spiral In
  • 22. Bullets - lines One sentence on page without animation Animate more information From left to the right Avoid automated animations Possibly fade the color
  • 23. Animation of objects Pay attention to the direction!!
  • 24. Slides / pictures transition Different slide design without animation Similar slides with the same background animate Preferably simple animations
  • 25. Recommendation Prefer simple animations in the direction of reading
  • 26. Recommendation Sounds Its better to avoid!! Only through external loudspeakers
  • 27. Contents
  • 28. Typical structure of a presentation You We have a problem have the solution This is how it works You can easily have it _