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entire joomla technique has been attractively given in this slides....


  • 1. www.budnetdesign.comWhat is Joomla?Joomla! is a: Content Management System Application Framework A website Swiss-Army knife Available under the GNU/GPL License
  • 2. Whats Joomlas History?Joomla forked from Mambo due to licensing andoversight concerns in 2005. Joomla is todayoverseen by Open Source Matters, Inc. OSM isa US-incorporated non-profit organization.OSMs website is at entire award-winning development teambehind Mambo moved to Joomla, and is todayled by Johan Janssens.
  • 3. Joomla! System Requirements: * PHP 4.2.x or above * MySQL 3.23.x or above * Apache 1.3.x or aboveWhat does this mean?Joomla is compatible with a wide variety ofLAMP-equipped servers.
  • 4. Joomla! ReleasesJoomla 1.0.13 (Sunglow) Legacy version; still compatible with Mambo. Maximum compatibility with 3rd Party Ext.Joomla 1.5 RC 2 Refactored code base, numerous coreupgrades, including SEO, account security, andmore. Not yet 1.5 Final. 1.0.X Legacy mode for compatibility.
  • 5. Official Joomla Websites:Main Site: www.joomla.orgSupport Forums: forum.joomla.orgExtensions Directory: extensions.joomla.orgJoomla! Community By The Numbers: 1,000,000+ Support Forum Posts 199,000+ Support Forum Topics 133,000+ Forum Members 2,100+ Third-Party Extensions
  • 6. Joomla Nomenclature:Add-ons are differentiated by function. They canbe organized into three broad categories: Components: Components are extensions that extendthe capability of the system beyond contentmanagement. They generally have administrativeoptions particular to their operation that can be editedunder the Components menu. Output fromcomponents is generally displayed in the websites mainbody.
  • 7. Joomla Nomenclature: (continued) Modules generally control the blocks availableas sidebar content; they can display limitedaspects of the output from components. Plug-ins (aka Mambots): These extensionsmake alterations to system functions to attainspecific goals.
  • 8. Simple InstallationRequires valid mySQL username/password.Untar archive, copy/FTP to appropriate docroot.Run through installer routine by visiting your site.
  • 9. Templating with Joomla!Joomlas templating system simply wraps HTMLand CSS around the internal PHP calls that pullin the dynamic content.
  • 10. What have we learned so far? Joomla History and Nomenclature Joomla system requirements Joomla installation procedure Joomla Administrator Panel organization Joomla Templating
  • 11. Whats left to cover? Joomla Extensions for Content-oriented sites Joomla Extensions for E-Commerce sites General Purpose Joomla Extensions Real World Joomla installs Sponsor Thanks & Acknowledgements One more thing
  • 12. Adapting Joomla to specific needs Content-driven sites E-commerce driven sites
  • 13. Content-driven Communities with Joomla!Lets define some traits common to onlinecommunities: User Profiles and detailed account information Forums/Message Boards User subscriptions Differing subscription levels (up-sell from freemembership to paid membership)
  • 14. User Profiles and Account InformationExtension: Community Builder Adds additional information fields to useraccounts. Allows membership listings with completeprofiles (a la MySpace) Integrates with a wide variety of other third partyextensions, including forums, newslettercomponents, private messenging, and more. Highly customizable
  • 15. Forums and Message BoardsSeveral forum solutions exist for Joomla, bothnative extensions, and bridge componentsintegrating Joomla with other popular packages,such as phpBB, SMF, and vBulletin.One popular Joomla-native forum solution isFireboard.
  • 16. Offering Subscription-based access to content Account Expiration component JACL (Joomla Access Control Level)Account Expiration allows you to offersubscriptions, and accept payments for such viaPayPal, WorldPay, 2CO, Merchant Gateway,and more.
  • 17. Subscription solutions (continued)Joomla Access Control Level (JACL) allows forthe creation of additional user groups, thusallowing either multiple subscription tiers, orfree and members-only access.
  • 18. Subscription solutions (continued)Both Account Expiration and JACL integrate withCommunity Builder.JACL-style functionality is due to be included inthe forthcoming Joomla 1.5.
  • 19. Monetizing ContentA multitude of Joomla extensions exist for: Image-based banner ads Text-based ads, such as Google AdSense Affiliate Marketing Donations/Tip Jars Subscription Podcasting
  • 20. Sponsor Thanks