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DESCRIPTION Writing a catchy headline is not easy. It is a skill that a writer needs to develop.


  • 1. Writania.comTop 10 Tips for Creating CatchyArticle Headlines
  • 2. Writania.comWriting a catchy headline is not easy. Itis a skill that a writer needs to develop.
  • 3. Writania.comi. Create a headline before writing article content.Functions of a Headline: Define the readers Grab theirattention Deliver acommitment orpromise Engage readers onthe articles content
  • 4. ii. Use list headlinesA list headline tells readers what the article is about. E.g. 7 Easy Steps to Retire Early
  • 5. iii. Use how to headlinesThese topics are the most bookmarked & linked articles.
  • 6. Writania.comiv. Use headlines appealing to the readers Your headlines should appeal to your readers self-interest. Make sure it is something relevant & useful for them.
  • 7. v. Use headlines that provides NEWSUsually starts with the words New, Discover, Introducing, Announcing or the Latest.
  • 8. Writania.comvi. Use headlines that Offer Solutions Providing solutions to common problems appeals to the readers.
  • 9. Writania.comvii. Use headlines that empathize Connect with your readers by naming problems they might have & provide a solution.
  • 10. viii. Use the word FreeTake advantageof this to getwide readershiponly if you areoffering freebieslike tutorials,samples ormemberships.
  • 11. ix. Use keyword phrasesDo a keyword search before writing. Niche keyphrases will give you targeted traffic more than keywords.
  • 12. x. Apply any of these tips.Apply any headline type and use niche keyphrases to create more appealing headlines.
  • 13. So, before writing an article, think of acatchy headline first & make sure your content delivers on it.
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