How to post to 200+ Facebook groups in 15 minutes

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Introduction of a software, which lets you to post to 200+ groups in a matter of minutes.


<ul><li> 1. List of thing you will be able to doonce you have this software:</li></ul> <p> 2. Join unlimited open Facebook GroupsPick anyone and join their same Facebook groupsGather all of your groups to post to themVary the time in between joining each groupChoose which groups that you want to post toQuick setup of software to roll out a group posting campaign 3. Spin unlimited url's to be postedPost messages to unlimited Facebook GroupsSpin unlimited ad copy messages being postedJoin by search term and from a list and by thenumber of membersAbility to gather open groups and all groups 4. Option to post using multiple photos or a singlephotoBeing able to post to groups and take a break inbetween postingsRemove from open groups and all groups andby selecting the number of members in a groupMove a post back to the front page of group bycommenting (Post Bump Feature) 5. Disable Notifications for open groups and closedgroups by selecting the number of membersAdd open, closed, or all groups to a list bysearch termVary the amount of time in between postingto each group to avoid bot detectionGather group member data by search term orfrom a list. 6. To Watch the Video go to: theVideo</p>