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Facebook Recruiting in Ten MinutesEducational Webinar Series: February 10, 20112 What to Expect TodayHost Scott Ryan & Speaker Neil CostaQuick Intro Webinar TopicsFacebook Recruiting Its Serious, Start NowAre you Ready for Facebook?Driving Candidates with Targeted Facebook AdsBuilding a Facebook Fan Page StrategyQ&A Chat & Questions via GoToMeetingSocial Media - Twitter - #hcbootcamp #recruiting3Understanding your Core Value?Based outside of Boston, MA Gloucester, MARecruiting & Digital Marketing Industry ExperienceFocused on Interactive MarketingDevelop Customized Recruitment MarketingTurn-key Recruitment Marketing ExpertsProvide Great Value and Zealous Service

About HireClix

4Fish Where the Fish Are

5 Facebook Its Serious10X Facebook Users in 3 Years50M (Oct 07) to 500M (Dec 10)

Revenue - $1.2B in 1st Jan-Sept 2010Facebook Net Profit of $355M* *Reuters Jan 6, 2011

6 Are you Ready for Facebook?Do you use Facebook for personal activities?Do your employees use Facebook?Are you naturally curious about using Facebook for business?Do you want to recruit talent from 18-65?Are you trying to diversify your recruiting efforts?

7 Rapidly Create Facebook Ads

8 Targeting Users by Profile Information

9 Leverage Logos & Images for Facebook Ads

10 Bidding Strategies for PPC Campaigns

Facebook Bids & Budgets11 Facebook PPC Laser Focused Targeting

12 Building a Facebook Fan Page Strategy

Corporate Page vs. Dedicated Careers Page13 Corporate Page vs. Dedicated Page

14 Facebook for Your Employment Brand

15 Facebook Fan Page = Dist. & Engagement

16 Facebook Fan Page = Dist. & Engagement

17Tracking & Reporting = Recruiting ROI

Measure Spend Tracking for ATS & Google Analytics Modifying & Optimize18 Facebook Recruitment Marketing ValueSerious Volume of UsersTrue Passive Candidate AudienceLow Cost Threshold to StartSophisticated Targeting for Ads EducationEmployerGeographyInterestsFan Page to Engage Talent CommunityWindow into Corporate Culture

19 Q&A

HireClix Contacts Scott Ryanscott.ryan@hireclix.com

Neil Costaneil.costa@hireclix.com