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Head of PR & Social Laura's talk at the November 2014 Content Marketing Show looking at how to implement a successful audience engagement strategy.


  • 1. How to implement an audience engagement strategy using content

2. Why? 3. Test and refineCreate online personas to targetUnderstand their online engagement behaviourUnderstand where they hang out onlineUnderstand who your online audience isAudience engagement process 4. AudienceCustomer dataGoogle Analytics demographicsSocial listening toolsSocial platform analyticsMarket research/ Industry dataWhat does your online audience look like? 5. AudienceNews sitesSocial MediaForumsReview sitesBlogsWhere do they hang out online? 6. 80/20ruleWho are the influencers? 7. What are they engaging with? 8. Join conversations, dont start them 9. We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak 10. Build your online personasEmma, 24Shares video content regularly, also has own personal blogMost likely to read sites such as BuzzfeedMain social channels are Snapchat and InstagramMark, 36Shares quizzes and picture content fairly regularly on FacebookMost likely to read traditional news outletsMain social channels are Facebook and TwitterBob, 58Less likely to share but spends a long time on informational contentMost likely to read broadsheetsNot a big social user 11. Test small and refine 12. Use small amounts of paid seeding to test effectiveness 13. AudienceNews sitesSocial MediaForumsInfluencersBlogsHave a robust seeding strategy 14. FacebookTwitterStumbleUponRedditTaboolaLinkedIn 15. How many people saw it? 16. How many people have engaged with it as a result and how? 17. What value can I attach to that? 18. Otherwise the whole engagement strategy falls downAn integrated marketing strategy is imperative 19. Thanks!Laura CrimmonsSocial & PR Manager@lauracrimmonslaura.crimmons@branded3.comThank @Branded_3