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While the internet has made it simple and cost-effective for businesses to expand into new markets, going global has its pitfalls. Simply translating your website content from English will not be enough to get repeat traffic and social shares in your new market. Your brand’s multilingual content marketing strategy needs to be culturally optimised. Frank Hartkopf, our head of European content, held this webinar where he discussed the benefits of translation vs. transcreation and how the latest technology can help you to get the most out of your content marketing efforts.


  • 1. @axonnmedia Think local, act global: How to implement a multilingual content strategy Frank Hartkopf Head of European Content Axonn Media
  • 2. @axonnmedia Speaking Frank Hartkopf Head of European Content Axonn Media London, UK @Fruehstuecker
  • 3. The great leveller
  • 4. @axonnmedia
  • 5. @axonnmedia Development English Proportion shrunk from 35% to 27% Arabic Arabic: mother tongue of more than 219 million people but only 2% of global digital content is Arabic Russian 60 million speakers online penetration level 42,8% Swedish Increase of 7.2% online spenders (2012-2013) penetration level 83% Chinese Growth: 106 million - 445 million internet users (2004 - 2010) prediction: Chinese will take over as number 1 language
  • 6. @axonnmedia Worldwide Internet Users 44.8 21.5 11.4 10.4 7 3.7 1 Asia Europe North America Latin America / Caribbean Africa Middle East Oceania / Australia Source:
  • 7. @axonnmedia Less than 1 in 5 web users in the EU feel comfortable purchasing a product in a non-native language and 42% said they would never buy online in a language that was not their own. Source: Eurobarometer Cant read, wont buy
  • 8. @axonnmedia An untapped opportunity 6 in 10 marketers have no content marketing strategy 67% have no knowledge of technology tools 81% have never heard of translation tools 8% of global marketers dont use any translation Source: Global Content Marketing Report, Cloudwords, 2013
  • 9. @axonnmedia Progress 58% have multilingual websites With 10 languages you can reach 81% of internet users by translating content !
  • 10. @axonnmedia
  • 11. Pitfalls of global marketing @axonnmedia Brand names, product names and slogans getting lost in translation Lack of localisation Ignoring cultural sensibilities Inappropriate style Lack of market insight
  • 12. @axonnmedia Vote #1
  • 13. @axonnmedia 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 High cost Time amount Hard to keep companies message globally Hard to manage the amount of translation projects 30 28 20 19 Biggest Difficulties With Localisation Source: Global Content Marketing Report, Cloudwords, 2013
  • 14. @axonnmedia 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Global/ continental marketing efforts No foreign languages Targeting customers abroad without speaking their language? Source:
  • 15. @axonnmedia 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Website Content Brochures / Product Literature Blogs / Social Media contents Press Releases 79 42 23 23 Types Of Content Most Often Translated Source: Global Content Marketing Report, Cloudwords, 2013
  • 16. @axonnmedia Dont just translate, transcreate!
  • 17. @axonnmedia What is transcreation? English core message adapted to local context Create and tailor to your own target market Special content campaigns (e.g. Christmas Thanksgiving in the US)
  • 18. @axonnmedia British American Tap Cooker Petrol Toilet Trousers Railway Wash Up Wash your hands Jug Campsite Faucet Stove Gas Bathroom Pants Railroad Do the dishes Wash up Pitcher Campground
  • 19. @axonnmedia How to implement a global content strategy Working with the right people -writers who are native speakers -cultural experience -think like a journalist -familiar with local style and tone -very good English skills
  • 20. Giving them the right tools -One story, many different angles -Consistency, not conformity -Plan ahead with a content calendar -Distribute wisely @axonnmedia Content strategy
  • 21. @axonnmedia 1. One story, many different angles
  • 22. @axonnmedia 2. Consistency, not conformity
  • 23. @axonnmedia 3. Plan ahead with a content calendar GuardRec content calendar
  • 24. @axonnmedia 4. Distribute wisely
  • 25. @axonnmedia Search Engine Market Share %09 90% 5% Source:
  • 26. @axonnmedia Social Media Source: Sweden Germany China Central Africa Latin America Brazil
  • 27. @axonnmedia # Vote 2 Vote #2
  • 28. @axonnmedia Source: Global Content Marketing Report, Cloudwords, 2013 Top 10 languages content is being translated into 1.French 2.Spanish (Latin America) 3.German 4.Chinese 5.Japanese 6.Spanish (US) 7.Portuguese (Brazil) 8.French (Canada) 9.Italian 10.Spanish (Spain)
  • 29. Questions? @axonnmedia
  • 30. 14 years experience 400 clients from SME to multinational corporation 15+ languages @axonnmedia
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