content marketing: creating messages your audience actually wants

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Content Marketing doesn't have to be some mythical's about creating messages your audience actually wants!


  • 1. @mikemyers614 Content Marketing MESSAGES YOUR AUDIENCE ACTUALLY WANTS

2. @mikemyers614 Content marketing isnt some mythical place. (Its also not a tactic or a buzzword.) 3. @mikemyers614 Content marketing is a philosophy for how to create, curate and distribute messages to a targeted audience. I agree! 4. @mikemyers614 But its not all messages. That would just be Content 5. @mikemyers614 And its not just messages about you. That would be Marketing 6. @mikemyers614 So the combination of Content Marketing is creating and distributing the messages your audience actually wants. 7. @mikemyers614 Oh, so its advertising? 8. @mikemyers614 Um, no. 9. @mikemyers614 Advertising, by its very nature, is interruptive. And thats okay. It obviously works (when its done well). 10. @mikemyers614 But people dont always want to be interrupted. Or marketed to. 11. @mikemyers614 Heres the difference: 12. @mikemyers614 Traditional marketing is people how you can help them. 13. @mikemyers614 Content Marketing is just helping them. 14. @mikemyers614 You know, like this: 15. @mikemyers614 And this: 16. @mikemyers614 And, of course, this: 17. @mikemyers614 As you probably know, content marketing is not new. 18. @mikemyers614 Its been around for 100s of years. 19. @mikemyers614 My favorite example is Ben Franklins Poor Richards Almanack >> 20. @mikemyers614 Smart guy, that Franklin. 21. @mikemyers614 He created Poor Richards to promote his printing business in 1732. It didnt talk about printing. 22. @mikemyers614 What did it talk about? The things his audience was interested in. Like the weather. 23. @mikemyers614 Now thats helpful. (And smart. And timely.) 24. @mikemyers614 Hey, thats Content Marketing! Helpful Smart Timely 25. @mikemyers614 Of course, that doesnt mean its easy. (Nothing good ever is.) 26. @mikemyers614 But its so worth it. Just remember 27. @mikemyers614 Content Marketing MESSAGES YOUR AUDIENCE ACTUALLY WANTS 28. @mikemyers614 Thank you and good night.