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1. How to Find Your Next Job Part 1 September 23, 2010 2. Agenda Introductions, Welcome and Overview Assessing Your Skills Bridging the Skills Gap Identifying the Best Opportunities Understanding Company Culture Selling Your Skills as a Service Testimonial / Discussion Assembling Part 1 ofyour Career Plan Wrap-up and Preview of Tomorrow 3. Career Plan Explore YOU with skills assessmentUnderstand Occupation and Opportunities Identify Transferable Skills Career Training, Education and Experience Putting YOU on paper Networking and a Mentor Presenting You Tracking Progress 4. Assessing Your Skills Read previous performance reviews Ask for feedback Document key task, activities and accomplishments for each position Think volunteer and day-to-day life, not just professional Understand what you like versus dislike 5. Finding Your Occupational Profile Browse Occupations (left hand corner) Select Specific Occupation Select State Missouri or Illinois Occupational Profile will Display Recommend viewing in Printer-Friendly Version 6. Sections of Occupational Profile DescriptionWages try not to focus on this section Trends Growth Openings Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Tasks & Activities Tools & Technology Education & Training 7. Assess Your Skills Highlight All you LOVE to do. Highlight in a different color all those you CAN do. Highlight in a different color all your STRENGTHS (based on others feedback). Mark those that you can do but need to improve. 8. Position Yourself Where are your GAPS? Can you or will you close the GAPS? What training do you need? Update skills to close gaps 9. Companies Who Hire Under MORE RESOURCES select Americas Career Infonet Select Employer Locator Select location, occupationResearch Companies Watch on 10. Positions & Postings Search by Job Titles NOT keywords READ Carefully Typically three sections Company Info Position Description Position Requirements Find Key Points 11. Job Search Resources Sample Job Application http:// =966 Application Tracking System (Job Search Log) http:// =606 12. Company Culture 13. Why Explore Corporate Culture? Helps you understand yourself Increases your potential of getting hired Ensures right match with skills and personality Greatest opportunity for success when in the job Everyone is unique so dont go with others perception, create your own! 14. What is Corporate Culture? Shared values and practices of the employees May not match published culture The companys personality How people do their work Culture sets how we behave 15. What is Corporate Culture? Sub-cultures can exist Industries have culture too The culture can change over time Values Ethics Beliefs Personality Traits 16. Understanding Impact Ignoring the culture or working against culture will lead to failure There isnt a RIGHT or WRONG culture, just a right or wrong FIT Company Values, Beliefs and Ethics must be compatible with Individual A company with unethical or illegal business practices; or sick culture will self-destruct. 17. Research A Companys Culture Company Website Public Relations Materials People in your Network The CEO or Owners Corporate structure Rankings Public filings & 18. Questions to Ask What is the energy of the company? What is your leadership style? How do people solve problems in the organization? Is the company innovative?How? Support for professional growth? Education Reimbursement Additional Responsibilities Rate of turnover? 19. Questions to Ask Employee morale? Style of dress? Length of work day? Support for work/life balance? Ease and frequency of communication internally? Why is there an opening?What happened with the person who previously had my position? 20. Words that might describe an Organization Driven Aggressive Friendly Engaged Defensive Passive Responsible Tough Fair Active Analytical Open Productive 21. Selling Your Skills As A Service 22. A Few Statistics! Small firms 52% of sales 50% of private sector output Small business exports 96% of all US goods Small business receives 35% of all federal contracts In 2007 there were an estimated 21.7 million self-employed Department of Labor & US Census 23. ContractorvsConsultant Specific Skill or Role Limited Focus Work at the direction of others Fills skills void Strategic / LeadershipAdvise and provide direction on effort Multitask Multiple Projects at one time 24. Self-Employed Independent Contractor OR Service Company 1099 You are the PRODUCT Price your PRODUCTConduct Market Research Market the PRODUCT 25. Pros&Cons Flexibility Preview multiple companies Increase experience Pay per hour No benefits TravelNo job security Constantly marketing self 26. James Will 27. Assemble Your Career Plan List of STRENGTHSList of Accomplishments that show strengths List of Transferable SkillsList of Occupations and Job Titles List of Companys who HIRE those jobs 28. Assemble Your Career Plan Training/Education Plan Detail Job Application Job Search Tracker Setup File System 29. Resources Bounce Back St. MERIC (MO Economic Research and Information Center): Bureau of Labor 30. Resources & Investor Relations - Tests:http://