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  • *Using social networks to find your next job onlineDavid Stromdavid@strom.comSlides available: *Completely new deck in 3/17

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  • *

  • * Here is the end goal to find jobs! *

  • *Why botherLinkedIn is the new ParachuteTypical business usesWhat happens if you dont joinIt isnt just for job seekersStart small and develop experience and learn by using more of its features *

  • *AgendaSet up your profileStart to grow your networkRecommendations and endorsementsJoin groupsCreate and promote your contentCoordinate with other social media *

  • 1. First stepsScrub session on Facebook, WebUnderstand this is a process, not a quick fixLinkedIn is just the one of many other networks you are going to use for your search *

  • Scrub session *

  • *How many of your posts have pictures of something like this in them?

  • *2. Set up your profileUnderstand the various privacy settings Start experimenting with your headerInclude a clear and professional photoStart posting regular status updates *

  • *Privacy and visibility *

  • *

  • Profile update settings * *

  • Customize your info * *In Profile/edit then scroll down to Additional Info and then add your contact info here. As they warn you, anything you put here can be seen by anyone, even those that arent connected to you directly. But that is the point.

  • This is really important! *

  • *Facebook marriage *

  • *Sample header files *What is missing here?No emailNo pictureOld update more than 3 weeks ago

  • My header * *This is because LinkedIn doesnt display emails, so if you want to be found, put it in

  • *Ways to show your nameNancy Shoup, MBANancy Shoup, ace project managerNancy Shoup, project manager mavenNancy Shoup, project manager professional *

  • *

  • 3. Build your network, slowly!Dos and dontsHow do you add to your network?Using recommendations What about endorsements? *

  • *DosMake sure they are people you can visualize in your mind or have some memoryDo check LinkedIn dailyMake sure you have your settings the way you intendedConstantly cultivate and feed your network *

  • *DontsDont send out mass invites to more than 30 people at onceDont put non-professional items in your status updatesDont obsess about the number of connections and build slowly over timeDont just get started on the site two weeks before you are changing jobsDont worry too much about using InMail *

  • *Criteria for adding people *Have you met this person ever?Do you remember what they look like?Have you corresponded with them via email or called lately?

  • Import from your email address book * *Youll need to create a CSV or vCard file from your contact manager and upload it to LinkedIn -- you really just need their first and last name and email fields

  • Be choosey! * *Customize the message and be choosey!

  • Open/closed connections * *

  • Different types of contacts * *

  • *Forwarding requests *

  • *RecommendationsBut I dont know anyone!Part time jobsFamily friends, neighbors, others who know you well

  • *

  • * *

  • Endorsements *

  • 4. Join and post on groups * LinkedIn has beefed up its Groups features, so it definitely is worth spending time reviewing what you get here. Like other social networks, you can create, join, and post to different affinity groups.

    First, there are a lot more private groups than before 2 million of them, they have updated their user interface, they are more policed to prevent spammers ,and even with the open groups arent indexed anymore by search engines, making it more compelling to spend time there. Group members will be vetted by the moderators, again keeping the riff-raff out, but that also means you should update your profile to clearly show your interests to make it easier to be vetted as well.*

  • *

  • * *

  • *Here are just a few in the area

  • 5. Start posting your own content *

  • *

  • Slideshare: more than just PPTs! *

  • * Slideshare analytics screen*

  • 6. Regular habitsAlways Be Connecting *

  • *Other habitsFor new job postings on your groupsFor new connections with your networkTo tweak your profile and update your job historyTo update your status with noteworthy activities, meetings, content or plans *

  • Should you pay for LinkedIn? No.Monthly cost: $25 $48 $65 $100 * *Go to account, then subscriptions. You will have to click around to find the pricing plan, which is subject to change

  • Tying it all together *

  • *LinkedIn is just the start *Reserve your name for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email lists, and other places around the Internet

  • * *Twitter > LinkedIn status,

  • * *

  • * You can come at this another way. Here is how you can share your blog posts on Wordpress on your social media accounts, you will have to go to Settings, then Sharing and fill in the details here on the screen on the left. Then when you get ready to post your entry, you can check or check the boxes on the screen on the right and add a custom message to your other social networks when the blog post is online. This looks more complicated than it actually is. If you dont want to share the posts, you can uncheck the boxes on the right too. *

  • Think about other content sites *

  • *

  • *

  • *