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  1. 1. Depending on the age and model of the truck engine, idling can potentiallyconsume 1 gallon of fuel every hour. It also produces harmful environmentalemissions and wastes a serious amount of fuel. Needless to say, idling is very costlyand can be a huge factor in engine wear. The good news is, you can switch to bunkheaters that eliminate the need for idling for driver comfort. An initial investmentin diesel heaters and bunk heaters can greatly improve the fuel efficiency of fleets. The Real Cost of IdlingDid you know that an average truck idles for an average of 1500 hours annually,just for driver comfort? At $4.00 per gallon, that means a typical truck idles awaysome $6,000 every year. Multiply that amount with the number of vehicles in afleet, and you will quickly realize that the money wasted is very significant. Idlingalso has severe negative impacts in on the environment, producing over 15 tons ofgreenhouse gas emissions annually. The United States is already the largestproducer of greenhouse gases in the worldand idling certainly isnt doing anyhelp to improve the situation.
  2. 2. The SolutionTo cut costs and reduce your fleets carbon emissions, equip your truck drivers withbunk heaters and diesel heaters. Experts estimate that emissions can be reducedby up to 34.5 million tons annually simply by eliminating idling.It really makes sense to switch to a bunk heater, which provides as much as 20hours of heat on just one gallon of diesel fuela very big improvement. Choose adiesel heater that can be installed in the underbunk storage of Class 8 sleepercabs. The heater should be easy to control in the sleeper and should operatequietly to ensure that the trucker enjoys a restful sleep. Choose a bunk dieselheater that provides continuous heating to guarantee a constant cabintemperature.
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