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Compare and contrast earthquakes in contrasting areas of the world

Compare and contrast earthquakes in contrasting areas of the worldPraag Dogra

Japan, Tohoku - 2011Background:The earthquake was caused by the subduction of the Pacific Oceanic plate (SIMA) under the North American continental plate (SIAL).This created a 9.0 earthquake on the Richter ScaleFurthermore, the sudden release of the tension and stress caused a 40metre high tsunami.Occurred on March 11th 2011

Japan, Tohoku - 2011Impacts:16,000 deaths5 million people were left without water and/or electricityPost traumatic stress disorder occurred in 1/5 victims$300 billion worth of damage was done and ceased car manufacturing all over the worldFukushima nuclear reactor plant 1 destroyed

Japan, Tohoku - 2011Response14,000 km of concrete sea walls were createdNew stringent building codes were introducedMass dampenersInterlocking steel framesEarthquake warning systems were put into placeThe Bank of Japan donated $183 billion worth of money to help to normalise the market conditions after 3 daysThe military had to bury the dead in mass gravesPrevented rotting corpses from contaminating other sources

Haiti 2010Background:They were already reliant on foreign aidSitting on the cusp of a conservative (strike slip/transform) faultThe Caribbean and North American Stress and tension on this fault had been built up over 240 years so farThe release of all the stress and tension caused a 7.0 earthquake on the Richter Scale However the focus was incredibly shallow, at only 12km down

Haiti 2010Impacts:230,000 people died300,000 people were injured1000 deaths from cholera1 million people left homeless90% of the buildings near the epicentre were destroyed230,000 homes were destroyedSynopticity:The prison was destroyed and released 4,500 criminals who went on a violent mass rape spree in the refugee camps

Haiti 2010Responses:International aid was called in and sentHowever there were bottlenecks at the airports because there was no one in charge of sustaining themThe government eventually handed control to the USA.The Dominican republic sent in the most immediate aid which was enough to suffice 100,000 people per day.The EU gave $330 million to Haiti whom had the debt repayments waivered off by 5 months by the world bank.