haiti earthquake. haiti and dominican republic flag

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Haiti Earthquake

Haiti EarthquakeHaiti and Dominican Republic flag


A year after a devastating earthquake took the lives of some 222,000 people and left 1.5 million homeless people, Haitians continue to face appalling living conditions and a cholera epidemic affecting the whole country, despite have produced the largest deployment of humanitarian aid in the world.

Haiti after the earthquakeThe Dominican Republic was the first country to give aid to Haiti in the aftermath of Tuesday's devastating earthquake. Some of the first video images of the Haitian capital of Puerto Principe came from a Dominican television crew.In the twentieth century, the Dominican-Haitian relations were marked by confrontation and political disturbances that distorted the goals of peace and friendship between the two neighboring countries.

The Spain society was a slave community dedicated to the production of sugar and coffee. Was controlled by two powers: France and Spain. In 1776 delimiting the border between Haiti, the French side, and the Dominican Republic, the Spain, which definitely will not be marked until the Treaty of Basel in 1795.In 1834 began the war of independence against Haiti. In 1861 Santo Domingo returns to unite Spain. But Dominicans feel dominated by a foreign government imposes its laws. In 1863 began the rebellion against Spain, and becomes a war of independence. In 1865 independence was restored, this time for good. The whole country is devastated and weapons, and be politically unstable. This is a legacy that will drag for a long time, and his confrontation with Haiti.

Independence of HaitiHaiti became the first black republic and the first independent state in the Caribbean when it expelled the French colonialism and slavery ended, after a series of wars in the early nineteenth century.

However, decades of poverty, environmental degradation, violence, instability and dictatorship have become the poorest country in LatinThe location and culture of Haiti, a country that is mostly mountainous with a tropical climate, were once an attraction for tourism, but violence and instability, especially since the eighties, this perspective has sharply decreased.

Some of Haiti's back ground

Haiti is now the poorest country in the Americas, ranked 108 in the Human Development Index, where 65% of the population lives below the poverty line and as life expectancy does not exceed 50.

Living conditions and health are among the world's poor. Poverty is the common denominator of a population health indices of terror. 47% of Haitians are chronically malnourished and those who survive, 60% die of HIV / AIDS, which is the highest rate in the Caribbean

Haiti Poverty

The reflection of the earthquake

Haiti Earthquake

QuizWhat's your opinion about the relationship between Haiti and Dominican Republic?

Do you think that Dominican Republic should accept Haiti in their country and lives stiles?

Should Haiti and Dominican Republic make a union and become one?Should Dominican Republic adopt Haiti?

Why do you think their is so much hatters between Haiti and Dominican Republic?

Why after one year of the earthquake we haven't seen any difference with the help they got from other countries?

Haiti: I am going to the Dominican Republic to find a job.Dominican: What? Are you serious? Why? We dont need you over their, there is to many of you guys stay in your country.Haiti: Nop! What are you trying to say? Your talking right now like if I am going over their to steal or something by the way, I am a normal human being like you I just want a better future for me and my family.Haiti: its the same as when you Dominicans go to the United States your immigrants same as us so I dont understand whats your problemDominican: Yeah true that but we dont violated their rights and we dont want to take over the country as you guys want to do, you guys want to take over Dominican Republic when you go over their .Haiti: Listen I am not trying to defend my people but we are not the same, no because a few we all have to pay for others mistakes

Role playDominican: Well yeah you have a point we all pass trough the same thing no matter color, raise, religion, culture, language, ect. I understand your point!


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