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  • 1. The Tohoku Earthquake &Tsunami 11 March 2011

2. We have shown some pictures of the earthquakeand tsunami to show how much damage wascaused. This is also for those who went missing ordied. 3. BeforeAfter 4. 15,833 people died 5943 people injured 3671 people missingAnd many, many places destroyed R.I.P 5. After the Earthquake came the Tsunami 6. But after both the tsunami and earthquakethere was only one thing to do. Help. Therewere people giving home to the many peoplewho were homeless, comfort for those familieswith missing or killed family member, food andwater, and last but definitly not least the cleanup. 7. Thanks for taking time to watch our slideshowabout the Tohoku earthquake 2011.To remember those who suffered.-Abby and Amy


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