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Still wondering about “social” learning?DescriptionWhat is social learning and how can it transform your employee experience? How do workplace communities foster a collaborative company culture, in which the collective wisdom of the masses is as highly valued as the insights of “experts?” More importantly, how can we successfully leverage this trend and fully realize the positive business impact that this promises? Corporate learning has traditionally focused solely on the transfer of information, knowledge, and expertise. This is being challenged and transformed by interactive, collaborative exchanges through social tools, collaboration and online communities, providing a full employee experience. Increasingly, traditional learning is evolving into a community dynamic, initiating more open, honest conversations and proving to have a powerful impact on job and business performance. In this session, attendees will learn: 1. How to leverage collaborative tools, including online communities and social networking to foster workforce learning and development 2. How to build a sustainable and productive employee experience 3. How organizations can improve business functions, including brand and partner experience, customer experience and employee experience through social learning and community


  • 1. Still wondering about social learning? Differentiating your Employee Development Experience Presented by Mike Merriman mmerriman@mzinga.com Follow @MerrimanMzinga October 2011MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l

2. In todays fast-paced world, the pressure on businesses is higher than everMZINGAl #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 3. Work smarter & more efficiently.According to IDC, the cost of NOT easilyfinding information = $3,300 per employeeeach year(Thats $3.3M in annual lostopportunity cost for abusiness of 1000 people)MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 3 4. Build brand credibility & buyer trust. 30% of consumers rely less on advertising, and much more on recommendations from friends and family for making buying decisions.MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 4 5. Reduce customer response times. More than 90% of customers issues havent been unearthed in most organizations, and in addition, often the organization doesnt have answers for them, according to Forrester Research. These issues lead to long support calls, poor issue resolution, cost increases and customer dissatisfaction.MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 5 6. Improve customer loyalty & satisfaction The primary driver of a consumers loyalty is their experience with your business, product or service. Yet, marketers on average only invest 20% of their programs in loyalty and customer experience efforts.MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 6 7. How can you differentiate your employee experience to meet the challenge head on?MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 8. The Elements of a Social Organization A New ModelIdeate Share Listen ChangeFlickr image uploaded by Caveman (Kickin 66 with Pete Zarria) Flickr image uploaded by Ed Yourdon Flickr image uploaded by andronicusmax Flickr image uploaded by adam*bShared under Creative CommonsShared under Creative Commons Shared under Creative CommonsShared under Creative CommonsAttribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 GenericAttribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic Attribution 2.0 GenericAttribution 2.0 GenericLicenseLicense LicenseLicense MZINGA l#1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 9. Social Business Ecosystem Streamlined client acquisition Customer engagement Loyalty & retention Listening & engagement On-demand support Brand buildingCustomer Demand generationExperience Social commerce Brand Mzinga SocialEmployeeExperience Business ExperienceEcosystem Engagement &Partner collaborationExperience Satisfaction &retention Social business On-boarding & outsourcingrecruiting Indirect revenue Social learning streams Developer networksMZINGAl #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 10. What does it mean to foster a social employee experience?MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 11. A collaborative, interactive employeeexperience aligned with key business processesis key to building an effective workforce Recruiting & On-boarding1 Communication Satisfaction & Retention6 2 & Collaboration CollaborativeEmployeeExperience Performance & Career Development 53 Learning & Development 4 InnovationMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 12. User-Centric Employee Development ExperienceLearning & Development Communication & Capture & share best practices Collaboration Fostered better knowledge retention Establish alignment On-boarding Enable team building Increase business agility Provide network Reduce reworkPerformance & Career Development for peer to peer support Enable mentoring and expand access toSMEs throughout organization Reduce time to productivity Identify and promote rising starsInnovationMzinga OmniSocial Invite all to participate in businessadvancementsYour Brand Capture collective intelligence Recruiting & Retention Expand access to key talent Establish an extended workforce Improve morale by giving employeesa voiceMZINGAl#1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWAREl 13. Important Food for ThoughtMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 14. Employees Arent As Engaged As You Think Percentage of Employees Engaged In TheirCompaniesActively EngagedNot ActivelyEngaged2011, Blessing White, Inc.MZINGA l#1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 15. Measuring Employee Engagement2011, Blessing White, Inc.MZINGA l#1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 16. Where Are Employees Engaged?MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 17. Continuous Learning Model Provides Greater RetentionMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 18. Nearly 60% Of Enterprises Will Have Enterprise Social Investments This Year April 2011 Leveraging Millennials To Drive Enterprise Social InitiativesMZINGA l#1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWAREl 19. Examples From Across the EnterpriseMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 20. What does it mean to foster a social customer experience?MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 21. A consistent, engaged customer experiencealigned with a comprehensive customerlifecycle is essential From the Customers Increase sales team Awareness & informationFrom your Perspectivecollaboration and enable moregathering Perspective 1 direct target buyer interactions- ultimately reducing sales cycles.Acquire Continued support 62Purchase experienceConsistentCustomerCustomer ExperienceSolutions Experience Ongoingcommunication & engagement 5 SupportEngage3Implementation/on-boarding experience Significantly reduce support costs and improve customer response times by making your4 Develop more interactive, team readily accessible to mutually beneficial relationships customer needs in real time. with customers that improve Ongoingsatisfaction & retention. product/service experienceMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 22. Getting Started & Real World ScenariosMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 23. Solution OverviewAn interactive forum where job seekerscan find information and resources tofurther their career goalsBusiness Goals Connect job seekers directly with Monster.com experts, hiring companies and their peers to plan the next steps in their career path to improve user engagement, and offer users added value to build loyaltyResults & ROI Improved Monster.com user We wanted to create an interactive forum where job seekers couldengagement find information and resources to further their career goals. The Streamline recruiting for Monster.com users Advice Forums allow our members to connect directly with both our experts and their peers to plan the next steps in their career path.MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 24. DTCC Solution OverviewAn online portal for marketing DTCCservices, delivering training to themasses, and enabling customers tocollaborate around content Business Goals Increase revenue through fee-basedlearning & related usage Improve customer access to relevantservice information Results & ROI Over 15,000 current usersFinancial services company that provides custody and asset Additional revenue streamservicing for 3.5 million securities issues from the United States and110 other countries and territories, valued at $40 trillion.MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWAREl 25. Solution OverviewAn online portal for delivering andmanaging technical training for thepurposes of ongoing customer &partner education Business Goals Improve customer & partner competency Increase revenue through fee-basedlearning solutions Increase customer satisfaction through acomprehensive customer experience Results & ROI Over 175,000 current users Active user participation in more than12,000 learning events Additional revenue streamMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 26. Agilent TechnologiesSolution OverviewDeliver an enterprise-wideecosystem to manage learning anddevelopment for 28,000 geographicallydispersed employees.Business GoalsReduce training overhead by whilecontinuing to address the same level oflearning and developmentResults & ROI 90% reductions in training vendors The worlds premier measurement companyadvancing electronics, communications, life sciences and chemical Saved $10M with eLearning adoption analysis, with customers in 100 countries, 28,000 employees and $5.1 billion in revenues. 60% reductions in training admin staffMZINGAl #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 27. Getting Started Implement reward Use community and Gain Executive buy-inmodels to inspire social elements seen asbehavior change key to the transition Start with a initiative-level project viewed as Identify roles & proof-of-concept for responsibilities broader adoptionMZINGAl #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l27 28. Questions?MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 29. Thank you! www.mzinga.com mmerriman@mzinga.com Follow @MerrimanMzingaMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l