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Reliance Commnication Ltd. - Land Liasioning , Lease Lines Solution , MPLS-VPN, Server Co-location.


  • 1. C orporate Overview RelianceAnil Dhirubhai Ambani GroupNatural Media & FinancialPowerCommunications Infrastructure ResourcesEntertainment Services 6 million 40 million 5 million 5 millionconsumerscustomersfootfalls investorsAmong Top 3 Business Groups in IndiaServing Customers across 15000 towns, 400 K villages and 5 Continents ISO 9001 and BS 7799 Certified confident l ia

2. Reliance Communications NetworkNetwork Reaching 15,000 towns and 400,000 villages1, 10,000 kms of domestic optic fibreFour World class Level 3 Data Centers at Mumbai andBangalore measuring about 2,05,000 Sq.Ft worlds largest private undersea cable system spanning 65,000 kmsof fibre optic cable systems in India, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific region Unparalleled cus tomer franchis e2 of 19 confident lia 3. Whom do we serve? Ov er 4 1 m il l io n c o n s u m e r s in In d ia4 m il l io n in d iv id u a l g l o b a l c o n s u m e r s in 5 0 c o u n t r ie r o s s 5 c o n t in e n t s Ov er 2 0 0 m a j o r g l o b a l c a r r ie r s Ov er 3 0 0 MN C s Ov er 1 0 0 0 l a r g e e n t e r p r is e s in In d iae r 1 0 ,0 0 0 In d ia n S M E s , m o r e t h a n 1 .3 M n P C O o p e r a t o Unparalleled cus tomer franchis e3 of 19 confident lia 4. Reliance Communications Networkconfident lia 5. Reliance Communications Network - OverviewScalable - Handle Any Amount of Traffic Deep Fiber Penetration-80000 Km Backbone 40+40 Lambda DWDM Backbone, 60GB RDN Nx 10G Metro Ethernet, ADSL2+, Ethernet to homeconfident lia 6. Reliance Communications Network - Overview Network Resiliency - Highest Availability Highly Resilient Back Bone Meshed Core Data Network FTTB (Fiber to the Building)with ring protection confident l ia 7. Reliance Communications Network - Overview Convergence - Reduce Network Complexity Converged Edge and Core Single Access to customer supporting all services QoS for delay sensitive applicationsconfident lia 8. Reliance Communications Network - Overview Multi Service Rich Portfolio of Services Multiple Access - DLC, MEN, LMDS, SDH & now Wi Max Multi-Service Core Value added Eco-system - IN, Voicemail, Audio/Videoconferencingconfident lia 9. Your Convergence partnerInternet CarriersDataAudio and carrier CenterVideo ConferencingInternationalLinks Internet ServicesDomestic Leased Lines & VPNFLP, BRI,CDMA PRI & CDMAVoiceCentrex Data confident l ia 10. International Networkconfident lia 11. International Fiber Optic Network Cable Systems Fully Owned by Reliance confident l ia 12. Flag FA1 (Flag Atlantic) Cable System Flag FEA (Flag Europe Asia) Cable SystemFALCONFLAG Atlantic 1 (FA-1)Flag FNAL (Flag North AsiaLoop) Cable System Flag TranspacificFLAG Europe Asia (FEA)Flag FEA (Flag EuropeAsia) Cable System FLAG purchased trans-Pacific networkFLAG North Asia Loop (FNAL) confident l ia 13. Domestic Network confident l ia 14. Reliance National BackboneNational backbone - 80,000 Km nationwide optical fiber backbone - Each fiber capable of terabit capacity Ring & Mesh Network Design Provides AlternativePath Offering Highest level of Redundancyconfident lia 15. Network Architecture & Capabilities - vision in action Terra Bit of FiberOSS/BSS/NOC 40+40 Lambda DWDMcapacity FTTB Access172 MPLS POS60GB RDN Services / Applications Full Service Metro CoreEdgeEthernet / TDMPOTS,PCO,E1 WirelessEthernet, Voice &DSL Intranet From same boxDataQoS awareMSCMPLS Core DLCPOTS,Network Management ExtranetClass 4/5 with DSLAMnx64K, TDMSwitchBRI, x-DSLWebBRAS FirewallMEN Ethernet,Fast EHostedVoice MailWi MaxGbE Solutions IN LMDS,Audio/UBR, WimAXVideoL2/L3ConferencingVPNsCustomizedManaged High CapacityVoiceLambdaBW HighGatewaysDWDM Optical CoreDWDMSolutionsBC/DR E1, DS3Solutions Soft STM-1/4/16SwitchPRIADMPSTN Network Capabilities to Create Scalability and Distinctive Service Experience.This entire suit of applications is extended to Wi Max enabled customers tooconfident lia 16. Network Architecture 7 Primary Cities Heavily Physically Meshed STM 16 (64) connectivity between primary core locations 14 Secondary Cities Fully Logically Meshed STM 4 connectivity to two or more primary locations 172 Collector Cities Connected to a core location STM 1 / n * E1 to core locations Largest MPLS enabled Core Data Network already confident l ia 17. Fiber Network in MH & Goa Circle Nagpurconfident lia 18. Nagpur Connectivity on NBB Core and Collector RingsJallandharAmbalaLucknow6 TN-16XEDelhi Lucknow JaipurMA N 2.5G 1A3ACollectorTN-16XEAhmedabad Bhopal Allahabad RingTN-1CBTS TN-4X Calcutta POSurat3BI E 1BSpuTN-1XAllahabad rNagpurE MumbaiBhubaneshwarE1 1 1C3CHyderabad PuneVijaywadaSDH Collector 2 & 7POI / BTS Chennai Bangalore 410G ADM10G SDH Ring Coimbatore Madurai ErnakulumTrivendrumconfident lia 19. High C apacity Optical B ackbone Equipped with High Capacity Cross-connect Equipment Ever Expanding Multiple Rings HDX Dynamic Mesh Restoration 15 HDX for resiliency in traffic Multi Cut Resilient Centrally Managed19 of 45 confident l ia 20. Last MileFiber to the Building3 Tier Ring Strategy for Accessconfident lia 21. Last MileFiber to the Building This architecture offers very High AccessNetwork Reliability to Customer Aggregation ring tier I and Tier II areSeparated From Building rings Multiple traffic switching locationsconfident lia 22. National Operations CenterNOC provides:End-to-End Network/ Services ManagementTechnical helpdeskChange managementperformance Management24x7 MonitoringHelpdesk & Fault Management ServiceSPOC for network fault notifications & resolutionsSLA monitoringconfident lia 23. Reliance Data Center Reliance Level 3 Data Centers Expansions underway IDC 1 DAKC MumbaiIDC 1 Delhi IDC 2 DAKC MumbaiIDC 2 Chennai IDC 3 DAKC MumbaiIDC 3 Hyderabad IDC 1 BangaloreIDC 4 DAKC Mumbai IDC 2 - Bangalore confident l ia 24. Reliance Network and ServicesData Centre and IT Infrastructure Services 500+ Enterprise SOFTWARE Application infrastructure on a shared basis customers PLANAS A SERVICEMailing, Mail Protect, Web space, FTP space, DB space, Web Collaboration, ERP, HR, Payroll, Sales, CRM 50+ MNCs (SaaS) 25+ large domestic and International banksPROFESSIONAL IT Skill sets on a shared basis DESIGNSUPPORT Application, DB, OS, Network , Security, Storage, 5 Large TelcosMonitoring, ReportingSERVICES 100+ Manufacturing / Pharma & FMCG VIRTUALcompanies IMPLEMENT IT infrastructure on a shared basisDEDICATED Processors, Storage, Backup, Security, Local Network ERPINFRASTRUCTURE Intranet Core banking ATM switches DEDICATEDIT infrastructure on a Dedicated basis SCM HOSTINGEquipment on Lease servers, switches, firewalls, routers,storage boxes etc. etc. CRM Transaction WebsitesINFRASTRUCTURE OPERATE NAPs Sales AutomationCOLOCATION & E-trading Facility infrastructure on a Shared basis E-education DATA CENTRE BUILDHosting Space, Power, Data Cabling,Sitting space,Accessories, Vsat space R&D Disaster Recovery confident l ia 25. Data Center Service Value Chainline Bottom RICH MEDIA COMMUNCATION ASP SERVICES MESSAGING SERVICES Skills SERVICES ASP SERVICESShared Web HostingBusiness Messaging Customers Outsourcing level & Value AdditionOn demand & Live streaming Database Oracle & SQL Dedicated MessagingWeb Collaboration, CDNFTP HostingMail Queue Content ManagementBSS, CRM, e-governance Mail Services Domain Registrar ServicesService Complexities PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT SERVICESREMOTE DATA CENTER MANAGEMENT SERVICES Database and Operating System Support Database and Operating System Support Managed Monitoring & Reporting Services Managed Monitoring & Reporting ServicesApplication, SAP SupportApplication Support, Remote Security RoI AdministrationMANAGED SECURITY SERVICESFirewall & Intrusion Detection OS Hardening & Patch ManagementPenetration Testing ,SecurityVulnerability Assessment Professional Services, Host Anti virus Top line STORAGE & DISASTER RECOVERY SERVICES SpaceManaged Tape BackupLocal Storage &Load balancing, Disaster RecoveryStorage Professional Services& Business ContinuityR-Stor ServicesMANAGED HOSTING SERVICESManaged Colocation , Customer Office Infrastructure & Dedicated Hosting Hosted Internet Access Services Virtual Hosting Services *Services coded in RED are to be launched soon. confident l ia 26. confident lia 27. Our Differentiation1. Network Architecture & Capability- OFC Access Network vs Copper- Ring Topology vs Tree #- Metro Ethernet vs DSL- Largest MPLS Network covering 200 cities2. Superior & Comprehensive Products Suite- Unique features in Voice telephone- Largest Centrex market share- Managed Data Network Solutions- Converged suite of Fixed & Wireless3. Comprehensive IDC services in IT Infrastructure- Largest managed IDC operations- 4 IDCs with 2Lac+ Sq ft,- Multi-location IDCs for any DR management- Hosting, Security, Back Up, Disaster Management- Zero infrastructure downtime4. Most Integrated BSS-OSS & NMS- Converged Billing- Customer Network Managementconfident lia 28. Our Differentiation - continued Largest IDC Market shareLargest Centrex Market Share Single LargestNo. of 1000 lines+Implementation Installations Bharti- IBMTulip IT 1% 0% others Reliance8500 Lines 6Net4India8% Airtel1200 Lines 26%Tata400 Lines0BSNL/MTNL 500 Lines0Sify 7%Largest MPLS VPN Market Share Service PoPsSubs % MktAccess ProviderBase Share Tech.FTTB,Reliance 172 300+ 37% LMDS,CDMA VSNL Sify 164 250+ 33%Wireless 16%Tata - MMDS,VSNL 120 100+ 15%WirelineRelianceBharti 11040+6%MMDS,62%WirelineBSNL 15055+8%Wireline Growing Customer Franchisee Segment Subs BaseCorporates 700 out of 1000SMBs> 10,000Subscribers> 350,000confident lia 29. Product Portfolioconfident lia 30. RCOM - Services Bouquet Wireless Voice Enterprise Data-Mobile -Landline prepaid and-Fixed Wirelesspostpaid-MPLS VPN --R World, R Connect,E1PRI -L


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