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    Guide to Using Adobe Connect

    This guide is designed to help you make the most out of your online experience with the Adobe Connect Suite.

    Below are some simple steps for you to follow through that will ensure your computer is setup and ready to go before a live webinar.


    1. What you need 2pg 2. Entering the Adobe Connect room 2pg 3. Sound Check 3 - 4pg 4. Interactive online tools 5 - 8pg

    a. Chat Pod 5pg b. Q & A 5pg c. Polls 6pg d. Whiteboard 7pg e. Hand tools 8pg

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    What you will need

    You can view Adobe Connect Webinars on the following devices:

    - PC : make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed on your computer so that the webinar can run smoothly.

    - Mac Books : it is best to view Adobe Connect Webinars through Google Chrome on Mac Books as Chrome will automatically install Flash Player. Without it you will not be able to view the webinars at all.

    - Tablets : you will need to install both Flash Player and the Adobe Connect App (free) before viewing Adobe Connect Webinars.

    - iPhones/iPads/Smart Phones : please download the Adobe Connect App. This will only allow you to view Live Webinars. You will have to view recordings on one of the above devices.

    The most common causes that stop people from connecting to a webinar are either Firewalls on your system blocking the software from running or low bandwidth speed.

    - Make sure your internet is connected via Ethernet Cable and not WIFI as this will create a stronger, more stable internet connection.

    - Make sure you have Adobe Flashplayer installed on your computer. Click the following link to download

    - Make sure popup software is not blocking your meeting window. - You may be using a proxy server. To resolve this in Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options

    > Advanced Tab. Following this, enable the setting Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections. After doing this, clear your cookies, close all browser windows and attempt to re-enter the meeting.

    - If it is a firewall causing the issue you will need to try opening the following ports to allow on your firewalls &/or proxies:

    Ports: 80 443 and 1935

    Before the session begins remember to have your computer speakers to be turned up, or a pair of headphones plugged into your computer for better listening ability. Make sure you have the course material, either soft or hard copy for the live session. Course material will be sent to you 24hours before the live session.

    Entering the Adobe Connect room

    Enter the webinar room by clicking on the URL link provided. You will then be asked to enter as a Guest. Simply type in your full name and click Enter Room.
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    Checking your sound

    - It is important that you check your sound before the webinar begins so that you are able to take full advantage of the live session.

    - Make sure your computers volume is set anywhere between 60 100 % - To check your audio click on the Meeting tab at the top of your screen. Following this select the

    Audio Setup Wizard option.

    - You will only need to run through the first step, Test Sound Output. When running this step you should be able to hear a song playing, if not please contact me. Simply click next to skip through steps 2-4. Once you have done this click Finish.

    - Prior to the session beginning you can also check your sound by playing the music on the MP3 player. Begin by clicking on the >> button, this will start the music if it hasnt started on its own.

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    - If you are having difficulty hearing the presenter then you can increase the volume by clicking on

    the drop down arrow next to the green speaker icon and selecting the Adjust Speaker Volume.

    If you are still unable to hear any sound then it is likely that your computer settings need to be adjusted.

    - To check your computers sound settings, right click on the small speaker symbol that can usually be found in your tool bar next to the digital time and date

    - Select the Playback devices option. - Here you will need to make sure that the right device is selected so that you are able to hear any

    sound. If you are listening to a webinar through a headset, then you will need to make sure the Headset Earphone device is selected. If you are listening through speakers then youll need to select the Speakers option.

    Note: there are often multiple Speaker or Headset devices to choose from so you will need to check the brand/name of the device to ensure it is the correct one.

    - To select a device, simply right click on it and select Enable. Once it has been enable there will be a green tick next to it.

  • 5

    Interactive online tools

    Chat Pod :

    Use the chat pod to communicate with other attendees before the webinar begins. You can also use it to communicate with the presenter and host. To send your questions and comments through simply type them in the box and press enter or click on the speech bubble next to your text.

    Q & A Pod :

    The Q & A pod is designed for use during a live session. At any point during the presentation you can type in questions and comments for the presenter. They are private to begin with, this means only yourself, the presenter and the host will see it. When the presenter answers the question it will then be made public for all attendees to see. You can also use this pod if you are having any technical difficulties.

  • 6

    Polls :

    There are 3 types of polls you may take part in during a live webinar.

    In the following poll you are required to select one option. To do this, click on the round button next to an option to cast your vote.

    With this poll you can select multiple options. Again, do this by clicking on the square buttons next to the answers.

    In the final poll you simply type you answer into the space under the question and then click the send button as highlighted below.

  • 7

    Whiteboard :

    You may be asked to indicate to the presenter how you feel about something by using the highlighter on the whiteboard. To do this click on the highlighter as shown below

    You can also change your colour by clicking on the colour option on your side panel.

    Once youve adjusted that you can draw on the page to show your opinion.

  • 8

    Hand tools :

    Some presenters will ask you specific questions that may require you to use the hand tools to show your response. You can find the hand tools under the icon of a small person with a raised hand at the top of your screen. Simply click on the dropdown arrow next to it to select an emoticon.

    - Only the presenter and host will be able to see what you have selected.

    - Once the presenter has moved on from the specific question simply click on the icon of a small person with a raised hand. This will disable the hand tool so that the presenter and host can no longer see what you selected.

    If you experience any technical issues please contact:

    Rebekah Coleman Programme Coordinator, Lifelong Learning DDI +64 4 462 0220

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