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Graduating Portfolio. Career Change 7 2012. Why do you need to do this?. Demonstration of personal learning journey Mapping of professional experience Highlighting professional development Identification of PRAXIS. What do you need to do?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Graduating Portfolio

Graduating PortfolioCareer Change 72012

Why do you need to do this?Demonstration of personal learning journeyMapping of professional experienceHighlighting professional developmentIdentification of PRAXIS

What do you need to do?Extract from CCP Handbook to be supplied and explored to reach common understanding

Activity 1 Working in table groups spend at least 30 minutes to compile two lists. One list highlighting your combined understanding of the Graduating Portfolio. The other list should indicate aspects that your group believe requires clarification or greater insights

Next!Activity 2 Spend 30 minutes reading over the handout So You Have To Have a Portfolio Decide upon your top 20 sentences which you believe provide the greatest insights in to the portfolio process. In pairs or groups of no more than 4 take time to present and consider what aspects have been highlighted by you and others in the group. Total activity time allocated 1 hour

What should be in your portfolio?Key questions to be addressedStatement of reflections/beliefs /philosophyEvidence which support statements relating to teaching practice, personal values and philosophy of educationInsight into the context of learning and teaching educational settingReference to specific cases that are linked to Professional Practice, Professional Knowledge and Professional EngagementShort and long term goals

What do you know about:Pedagogy productiveCurriculum Assessment Classroom managementPsychology of learning brain theoryDiversity social context of learning and teachingDifferentiated teaching

Key Questions"How critical to the teaching and learning process are the relationships you form with your students and other staff members?"1 "What kind of teacher are you?" "How has your understanding of the role of the teacher changed over the past 2 years?"

What is PRAXIS?Practice described description of what is happening in the classroom What do learning and teaching look like in my classroom?Practice interpreted and explained sharing, interpretation and analysis, using cases of practicePractice theorised understanding is used to generate explanations for teaching and learning experiencesPractice changed trialing of new practice

Celebrity Faces

B F Skinner Howard GardnerBenjamin BloomSigmund & Anna FreudMaria MontessoriJean PiagetEdward De Bono Ted Sizer John DeweyLev VygotskyPaulo Freire Abraham Maslow

You may not be able to recognise their faces but every educator should be familiar with their work.How can you present your portfolio?VerbalVisualInterpersonalLogicalMusical

How can it be alright on the day?Preparation in line with expectationsDraftingCollection of evidence editing and annotationsRehearsal Avoid death by PowerPoint

Time to start no time like the present!Activity 3 Time allocated 1 hourCreate 6 PowerPoint slides that would demonstrate your journey over your time as a Career Change TeacherHeadingsDot pointsPossible artefacts Statements of beliefs and explanation of how this is demonstrated in your classroom and schoolWhat elements of your uni work might you highlight?

Testing the effectiveness of your initial communicationActivity 4 Time allocated 1 hourWork with at least 3 other CCP colleagues Find a space that provides the best opportunity to discuss the portfolio processEach member of your group presents their 6 slides and provides a verbal insight into the expectations of your drafted communicationThe audience provides both warm and cool feed backEach presenter records the key aspects of the feedback as a means of informing future refinements


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