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This is a slideshow that the kindergarten teachers helped me to make for the class of 2012.


  • 1.Music, art, and wisdom provided by this years kindergartners.

2. You can behappy at school. 3. Studyhard. 4. Dont be afraid of newstudents and newteachers. 5. Listen to theteacher. 6. Be the best so yourteacher will give you a star. 7. Be respectful to yourteacher. 8. Speak up to the principal. 9. Dont have a bad time. 10. Stay up late on Friday.Then you wont be tired for school! 11. Do yourbest work. Dontscribble. 12. Read allthe time. 13. Write a LOT. 14. Make goodchoices. 15. Study hard, and do ALLyour homework in college. 16. Be safe at school. 17. Bring a picture of yourfamily to college so you wont be sad. 18. Dont be worried aboutyour parents when youre at college; do your job. 19. Be nice.Be gentle. Be safe. Be kind.Be a good student. 20. Dontforget yourmanners.(goodbye,thankyou, please) 21. Be a friend to have friends. 22. Ask people nicely to playwith you. If they say no, walk away and ask someone else. 23. Say notobullies. 24. Dont be a bully. 25. If someone doesnt have a friend, play with them and be their friend. 26. Ignore someone ifthey are not kind. 27. Treatpeople nice. 28. Hey, dud e!Be nice to others. 29. Be nice to your sister soshe will not get crabby. 30. Be nicewhentheyre sick.Dont bemean to everyone. Be kind toeveryone in this whole school. 31. See good places aroundthe world. 32. Bring your skateboard. 33. Dont get in strangers cars. 34. Be sure you know how to drive a car. 35. Dont get pulledover whenyou drive. 36. Eathealthy food. 37. Eat apples to be healthy. 38. Be healthy,and exercise a lot. 39. Take care ofyourself. 40. Dont smoke. 41. Do yourbest.Save your money.Pick agood house.Have fun. 42. Learn how to do what grown ups do. 43. Skype with your family. 44. Try to be good. 45. Do what you are told the first time. 46. Dont waste time. 47. Havefun! 48. Get money when you graduate. 49. You might move away soon, so make sure youlisten to mom and dad now. 50. Your mom and dad willmiss you. They wont haveyou anymore. 51. Do your job. 52. Dont be selfish. 53. Do not throw a fit on theway to school. 54. If you have a big day infront of you, dont stay up late. 55. Dont litter at the park. 56. Ignore meanthings. 57. Dont act like a clown. 58. Dont be wild. 59. Dont forget lower case letters. 60. Dont forget spacesbetweenyour words. 61. Dont get in peoples way. 62. Dont tell lies or else you will go to jail. 63. Make new friends. 64. Work hard, and youwill succeed! 65. You should get a job because they are fun andyou can make more money! 66. Dont pick the job yourfriend has. Do what you want. 67. Dont bemad. 68. Marry someone good. 69. If you want to build ahouse, that will be a lot ofwork. 70. Be a singer! 71. Take pictures of thingsyou want to remember. 72. Be happy about yourself. 73. After graduation, give mom and dad a hug and some love. 74. Make good choices this summer--like helpingyour friends. 75. Go to the swimming pool this summer. 76. Savemoney. 77. Send yourparents a notewhen you missthem. 78. Write letters to your mom and dad. 79. Take your time. 80. Work hard. 81. Stand tall. 82. Be yourself. 83. Never forget Waukee! 84. Thank You to WaukeesKindergarteners and Their Teachers A special thank you to Jennifer Senne, JessicaCronk, and Amy Schoene for the student music. And also to Wendi Baggett, MichelleCrannell, Kelly White, Kacey Beyer, Mychele Herring, Becky Rogers, JaymiKragel, Sara Schrodt, Wendy Reed, Amy Manning, AndreaWood, and Kristen Craig for the student art andadvice.


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