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  • Graduating High Schools Class of 2009Alumni Report

  • High School Graduating Class of 2009Intro.The rationale behind the development of this survey is to provide statistical support for on-going evaluation of Ford PAS. This is a comprehensive look at Ford PAS high schools graduating class of 2009.

  • Ford PAS Class of 2009At a glanceThe class of 09 represents 26% of the entire registered student, and alumni body.

    97% of the sample are post-secondary bound.

    54% of the sample are interested in pursuing a career in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field.

    After having a Ford PAS class 20% college going rates improved by nearly 20% from 78% to 97%.

    The sample is evenly split between males and females (50/50); with 49% of females enrolled in college, and 48% of males.

    Hispanics (31%) and Blacks (25%) are the top two ethnicities served from the class of 2009.

  • Ford PAS Alumni are thinking about a career in



    CategoryAmount (Out of 463)Percent

    STEM fields20344%



    Fine Arts286%


    Government/ Public Services235%


    No College82%No Response20.40%

    College Later133%No College102%

    No Response388%College Later225%

    Not Sure439%Not Sure378%

    College Bound37480%College Bound41490%

    Pre Ford PAS

    Post Ford PAS

    In Regards to College...



  • Sentiments around secondary education

  • Post- Secondary DetailsCollege Status

  • Post Secondary DetailsCollege Status Continued

  • DemographicsGender

  • Demographics ContinuedEthnicities

  • Demographics ContinuedPost-Secondary Enrollment by Ethnicity

  • Post Secondary InstitutionsWhere their headed

    9% of the reporting sample will be traveling out of state for their post- secondary educations.

  • Post-Secondary InstitutionsListed over three times

    Alabama A&MAmerican River CollegeAuburn UniversityBaylor UniversityBenedict UniversityBowie State UniversityCalifornia StateCentral Michigan College of the DesertConsumes River Community CollegeDavenport UniversityEastern MichiganFull Sail UniversityHenry Ford Community CollegeInternational Academy of Design & TechnologyMacomb Community College

    Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMiami Dade CollegeMichigan State Middle Tennessee State UniversityNorthwestern Ohio UniversityOakland UniversityOhio UniversityOwensSac City CollegeSouth Texas CollegeTennessee StateTexas A&MTexas StateUniversity of Detroit MercyWayne State UniversityWestern Michigan

  • Other Notable Post Secondary InstitutionsListed one two timesArt Institute of NashvilleArt Institute of Illinois

    Fayetteville StateGeorgia State

    Hampton UniversityJohnson & Wales University

    Loyola University ChicagoPurdue University

    St. Edwards UniversitySt. Marys University

    University of CaliforniaLABerkeleyDavisSan Diego

    University of IllinoisUniversity of MichiganUniversity of Notre DameUniversity of TexasBrownsvillePan American

    Villanova UniversityVirginia State UniversityVirginia Tech

  • Ford PAS vs. Other ClassesSurvey Monkey Results

  • Ford PAS vs. Other Classes (Cont.)

  • Ford PAS vs. Other Classes (Cont.)

  • Ford PAS vs. Other Classes (Cont.)


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