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GRADUATING CLASS OF 2018. PARENT MEETING SEPTEMBER 10 TH , 2014. State Requirements. English Language Arts4 units Health½ unit Mathematics4 units Physical Education½ unit Science3 units Social Studies3 units Electives5 units. Brookville Requirements. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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State RequirementsEnglish Language Arts4 unitsHealth unitMathematics4 unitsPhysical Education unitScience3 unitsSocial Studies3 unitsElectives5 units

Brookville Requirements21st Century Technology unit Fine Arts1 unitPersonal Economics1 unit

Community ServiceFreshmen - 5 hoursJuniors - 15 hoursSophomores - 10 hoursSeniors - 20 hoursNew for Class of 2018OGT - GoneEnd of Course Exams (EOC)Algebra I, GeometryPhysical ScienceAmerican History, American GovernmentEnglish I, English IITwo testing sessions February and AprilScored 1-5Limited, Basic, Proficient, Accelerated, AdvancedAnd meet one of the following three:1)Earn a cumulative passing score on seven end-of-course exams. The scores will be set by the State Board of Education.2)Earn a remediation-free score on a nationally recognized college admission exam such as ACT or SAT. The state of Ohio will pay for all 11th-grade students in the Class of 2018 and beyond to take the exam free of charge.3)Earn a State Board of Education-approved, industry-recognized credential or a state-issued license for practice in a career and achieve a score that demonstrates workforce readiness and employability on a job skills assessment. (MVCTC)For further information log on to the Ohio Department of EducationCollege & Career ReadyPSAT Pre SATFreshmen option - $14Contact Mrs. Donati by Sept 18thAspire Pre ACTAll freshmenOctober Test DatesSchool & Family Report in DecemberWHY?WHY NOT?

2014-2015 DISTRICT AND BUILDING GOALSSuccessfully implement all new State of Ohio grade level assessments. Following implementation, staff, students and parents will be surveyed to determine participants sense of preparedness. Survey results will be used in future district practices.

Successfully explore and report upon the necessary steps for preparing to double the amount of high school students receiving college credit in the 2015-16 school year. Completion date: January 9, 2015Successfully study and report upon the value of our class offerings in courses that are elective or outside core content. The study will include possible alternatives. Completion date: January 9, 2015 District Goals ContinuedLearn to Earn The district will have93% of all 9th grade students successfully completing Algebra I or the equivalent and English 9.*95% of all first year 9th grade students successfully completing five high school credits which include one each in math, science and language arts.*Each class will make one campus visit per year between grades 7 and 10.In this graduating class and thereafter, 95% of all graduates will be accepted into an accredited post-secondary education program.*Note: Successfully complete means a grade of C or better.


What does the future hold?

Not too early to think about the futureCollege Credit Plus (formerly PSEO)

Dual Credit

Advanced Placement (AP)Miami Valley Career Technology Center

Trade/Technical School

2 or 4 year traditional college

College/Career Readiness Assessments9th-ACT Aspire10th- Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)11th- PSAT and ACTExam Waivers1st semesterEveryone takes all exams no waivers2nd semesterWaiver possibilityAll As in a class each & every quarter Waive that examWaiver possibility5 or fewer days of absence2 or fewer late arrivals (tardy)/quarter

Maximum two (2) examsMaintain standards through 4th quarterAbsences must have proper documentationProjects & Semester classes do not qualify for waivers

Communication BulletinCalendar of Events/MenuFaculty List/Websites/Blue Blazer(email address/website links)Buy a yearbookProgress Book

PROGRESS BOOKPrevious logins are activeChange password/Link Accounts/Sign up for AlertsCheck Grades/Attendance/EligibilityView ScheduleMonitor HomeworkProvide Parent email for school communicationHELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEEDBe interested: Show that academic progress is important to you. Be active in your childs life and get involved! Set clear expectations and discuss them with your child.

Offer to help with homework or projects, but dont take over or do more than is necessary. It is their responsibility to complete it to the best of their ability.

Listen: Know what your child is doing.

Encourage your child to be involved in all aspects of school-academics, athletics, and activities.

TIPS FOR A BETTER FRESHMAN YEAR ContinuedMonitor and prioritize nonacademic activities-TV, phone(texting), internet(sites/social networking),jobmake sure they have enough time devoted to school.

Have your child in school whenever possible. Lots of absences, unless truly ill, will send the wrong message and negatively impact their progress. It is the students responsibility to see their teacher to get make up work!!!

Set realistic goals. If you fail to planyou plan to fail.

Hold your child accountable.

Encourage your child to step up where they can be successful and step in for them for more complicated or overwhelming interventions.

DATES TO REMEMBERSeptember 18th: Star Day( 1:00 dismissal)September 19th: SWAP DaySeptember 26th: Interims DistributedOctober 4th: Clash of the Classes 5:00 pmOctober 7th: Coffee with the CounselorsOctober 8th: Homecoming Parade/Bonfire 6:30 pmOctober 10th: Homecoming Football GameOctober 11th: Homecoming Dance 8:00 pm 11:00 pmOctober 13th: Teacher In-service/No School for StudentsOctober 22nd: First Nine Weeks EndsOctober 31st: Grade Cards Distributed/School FeesNovember 3rd/6th: Parent Teacher Conferences 4:30-8:00

Coffee with the CounselorsCommunication between home, school and the community Topics may include career planning, test taking skills, and technology to name a fewThese will be held in the high school office at 7:15 a.m.

Dates: October 7thDecember 9thApril 14th



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