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LinkedIn for students

LinkedIn for graduating studentsWhy LinkedIn should be part of your preparation or leaving University

for grads

Dorje McKinnon@dorjem

Ive got three parts to todays talk2

I just want a job !

So whats the big deal why are you here listening to me ?You think LinkedIn might be useful but youre not sure how or youre not sure why.

>>>>So Im going to take you on a journey into someone else's shoes so you can understand why LinkedIn is useful to you3

Step 1 : The boss needs staff

Step 1 The boss needs a new person4

Step 2 : Recruiter starts looking

Recruiter starts looking5

Step 3 : Thousands apply for the job

Which person do I pass on to the boss ?6

Step 4 : How to choose?

Lots of people who can do the job. How to choose the ones to interview ?

Thousands of applications which is why lots of jobs arent advertised. remember that point

>>So what does the recruiter do ? The chuck lots of the applications in the bin. Any thing that will make their life hard, no cover letter, badly spelt, no details. This is why you should follow the letter of what they ask for (but do bend the rules a little so you stand out).


Step 5 : LinkedIn check


Step 5 check the remaining possibles for a linkedin profile or other online presence


Step 6 a : the person who put in minimal effort

This guy could do the job ? But there isnt anything here !!9

Step 6 b : the person who put in the extra effort

Or choose someone that has put effort into their profile ?Emailed the recruiter to express interest ?Provided a great cover letter ?Spoke to the recruiter at the job fair ?10

Step 7 a : before the interview, internet stalking photos

Step 7 b : before the interview, internet stalking social media profiles

Step 8 : the boss gets a short list to interview

If you get an interview what does it mean ?

What are they looking for ?13

LinkedIn Job


LinkedIn doesnt equal a job14

Careers advice


Careers advice is free 15

Curriculum Vitae

You need a CV and a cover letter.16

In NZ 14,000 of 40,000 grads are on LinkedInReference :

One 14000 of a possible 120000 grads have profiles on LinkedIn about 11%So lets do a testHow many of you had a LinkedIn profile last week?17

HR / Recruiters perspective

What do recruiters say about LinkedInShow case for you, your skills and experienceUsed extensively by HR and recruitersUsed to find people with specific skills so make sure you keep it up to dateMeans your name ends up in front of those hiring more often


Company pagesFollow the ones that you want to work for


Why follow company pagesFollow them because They get analytics about youThey know that 70% of their followers want to work for them


Follow them because They get analytics about youThey know that 70% of their followers want to work for them20

Summary for part 1Have a profileFill it out Follow companiesLinkedIn is only one part of the puzzle.Get careers advice

Youre in the top 12% if you have a LinkedIn profile when you graduate in NZ.Make sure it shows your skills, goals and experience.Follow the companies that you want to work for. So they can find you more easily. They know 70% following want to work for them.LinkedIn is only one part of the puzzle.Use the Careers service at your university


Why are you using LinkedIn

Why are you using LinkedIn ?Have a purpose or a plan, if you do youll be more successfulGet a jobNetwork with others in your fieldLearn about companies

Were going to focus on using it to get a job


Part 2 Your profilePhotoBanner imageHeadlineSummaryCourses, languages, volunteer experienceShow dont tellConnectionsWork experiencePulse & GroupsEndorsements & recommendations

Which photo would you prefer?

Look at these photos what do you notice about the ones you look at the most ?

Yep a professional photo makes a huge difference. Make sure you have a good one.


Photos and banners

Banner images are also important25

Photos and banners 2

Note the banner image and the photo26

LinkedIn profile top section

Make sure your professional headline is punchy and tells everyone what you want them to know. This is your elevator pitch.Fill in your contact details not much good if the want to offer you a job and cant.27

LinkedIn Summary

The summary is the thing which engages the reader, the first paragraphs of the best written cover letter ever.Experience Goals Qualifications and a bit about why youre a great person.Clear confident what motivates you is also good to put in there.Make it clear what youre trying to do I want a job, I want to learn how to run a successful business so I can do it myself.Quick and concise quotes can work well Im happy to change, when there is obvious benefit Team player with hunter mentalityState Goals


Add media to your LinkedIn profile

Add your CV here, it makes things easy for those looking to hire you. But everything in your CV should be on your LinkedIn profile too.Add in anything else that youve done: presentations, video, photo, etc etc BUT only if you think it will help them decide to give you an interview.29

Add positionsMake sure you add supporting material as well

Documents, photos, links, video, presentations

The projects / organisations / courses get added when you add them to the other sections and associate them with this position/experience30

Other LinkedIn profile fields


The red x denotes areas grads tend to have something you can add31

Other LinkedIn profile fields part 2


The red x denotes areas grads tend to have something you can add


LinkedIn is a social network

But dont forget about the people.

Step aside from LinkedIn for a minute, think about people you know who you could ask to connect with you on LinkedIn (anyone you know) or endorse you for skills (have worked with you, know what you can do)

Family , friends, class mates, sporting friends, staff.

Look for a range of ages.

Ask them to : connect with you, so their network can find you easier, endorse you for skills, give you a recommendation,33

Mobile is part of the picture

Remember that your LinkedIn profile and information will likely be viewed on a mobile device, so check it out and make sure yours looks OK.


Notify your networks?Set this to No while you get your profile ready, then when youre sure it is great turn it to Yes then add a summary statement so your networks are notified of a change to your profile.

Set this to No while you get your profile ready, then when youre sure it is great turn it to Yes then add a summary statement so your networks are notified of a change to your profile.


Where is notify your networks button ?


LinkedIn profile summaryFill it inMake it very clear what your goals areDont use your profile to document what you did Use your profile to SHOW what you did, what you thought, what others thought of you, how you felt and WHY you want to do what ever it is you want to do.

>>>> what else is there37

Jobs are advertised on LinkedIn

There are jobs in the feed38

You can search for jobs

You can search for jobs39

Join groups

Communities of practice for almost every job and interest exist on LinkedIn.It is one way to build your reputation.

I know one woman who used LinkedIn and Twitter to get a research fellowship at a US university because she posed great questions and offered her own opinion via these two channels.

Find a topic, or find a group that people you want to notice you are a member of.

This is your chance to show youre smart and interested. Begins to build your brand40

Profile views

Profile views When someone views your LinkedIn profile the system tells you.

how could you use these as a new grad ?Have a think about that.For me I use it to contact people who look like they may be prospective clients.41

References to help you long article on making your profile really useful very short with examples of how to make your LinkedIn profile effective advice on most aspects of LinkedIn advice to help your profile be noticed great slide deck about why its worth filling in your profile

Photo creditsGraduates - newspaper -; Beijing job fair -; Paper stack -; Interview desk -; Curriculum Vitae -; Why -;


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