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GRADUATING CLASS OF 2016. PARENT MEETING SEPTEMBER 10 TH ,2012. High School is Finally Here…. But What Does That Mean?. 22 credits are necessary for graduation English- 4 Math- 4 Science- 3 Social Studies- 3 Physical Education- .5(two semesters) Health- .5(one semester) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • 22 credits are necessary for graduationEnglish- 4Math- 4Science- 3Social Studies- 3Physical Education- .5(two semesters)Health- .5(one semester)21st Century Technology- .5(one semester)Personal Economics-1Fine Arts- 1

    Community Service Hours (June-May)Ugive.org9th Grade 5 hours10th Grade 10 hours11th Grade 15 hours12th Grade 20 hours

    You must pass a class in order to receive credit. If you fail a class that is required for graduation, you must re-take that class and pass in order to receive your diploma. At this time, the successful passage of all sections of the Ohio Graduation Test, which your child will take their sophomore year, must also take place prior to graduation .

    High School is Finally Here. But What Does That Mean?

  • Did you know Did you know video

  • What does the future hold?

    Its not too early to be thinking about the futurePost Secondary Education Option (PSEO)Mandatory March meeting for parents/students interestedMiami Valley Career Technology CenterKUDERSophomore Visit DayCollegeEXPLORE 9thPLAN 10th /ACTPSAT/NMQST 11th /SATVisitsTrade/Technical School2/4 Year TraditionalMilitaryWork Force

  • Get Involved in Planning Your Future!! Code N3496495TYF )

  • High School Diploma vs College DiplomaIt makes cents!

  • Learn to EarnReady to LEARN when you enter Kindergarten and ready to EARN with post secondary Take the pledge9th grade through high school: Individuals will be ready to learn when graduating from high school

  • Goal # 3: Ready to learn when graduating from high schoolHigh School Diploma long term academic and career success9th grade year earn minimun of 5 creditsAlgebra I English 9 Science10th grade year proficient or above on OGT12th grade year Graduate

  • 2012 OGT RESULTSMATHAdvanced 53% Accelerated 18% Proficient 11%READINGAdvanced 15% Accelerated 40% Proficient 28%SCIENCEAdvanced 25% Accelerated 33% Proficient 23%SOCIAL STUDIESAdvanced 43% Accelerated 22% Proficient 20%WRITINGAccelerated 27% Proficient 58%

  • Internet Safety CommonSenseMedia.orgNo such thing as PrivateAgreement on what is okay to postBe a good digital citizenCyberspace Golden Rule appliesAgree on downloadsCritical thinkingStay in safe neighborhoodsReview your own habitsBetter safe than sorry

  • Grading Policies and ProceduresGrades are computed on a percentage basis, ranging from 0-100%. Nine-week and semester exam percentages, as well as letter grades will be shown on the report card.

    What is on an exam?At the end of the first semester, students will have an exam covering ALL material discussed up to that point.**This means students should keep their notes and tests. At the end of the entire year, students will have a final exam. Depending on the class/teacher, this material may include EVERYTHING from the entire year.

    Brookville High School Exam Waiver PolicyAll students will take 1st semester exams. A student may waive up to two 2nd semester exams through the following criteria:

  • Policies and Procedures ContinuedExam Waiver Policy Continued1) One second semester exam may be waived by attendance described as follows:A student may not exceed 5 days of excused absence in the school year. In addition, a student may not have more than two unexcused tardies per quarter.2)One second semester exam may be waived by academic performance as follows:A student maintains an A average through the 4th quarter in a course in which an exam is to be waived.

    A MAXIMUM OF TWO EXAMS MAY BE WAIVEDStudents may not waive exam projectsSemester long coursesPre-arranged absences for travel are considered unexcused

    What is a GPA?GPA, which stands for Grade Point Average, is simply the average of a students grades, starting with the freshman year. The higher your grades, the higher your GPA will be. Colleges ALWAYS ask for a students GPA when determining admissions.

  • CommunicationFind news about Brookville High School at BulletinCalendar of Events/MenuFaculty List/Websites/Blue address/website links)Buy a yearbookJostens class ring/graduation announcementsSchool Pictures Progress Book


    Instruction sheets with students user name and passwordChange password/Link Accounts/Sign up for AlertsCheck Grades/Attendance/EligibilityView ScheduleMonitor HomeworkProvide Parent email for school communication


    Be interested: Show that academic progress is important to you. Set clear expectations and discuss them with your child.

    Offer to help with homework or projects, but dont take over or do more than is necessary. It is their responsibility to complete it to the best of their ability.

    Listen: Know what your child is doing.

    Encourage your child to be involved in all aspects of school-academics, athletics, and activities.

  • TIPS FOR A BETTER FRESHMAN YEAR ContinuedMonitor and prioritize nonacademic activities-TV, phone(texting), internet(sites/social networking),jobmake sure they have enough time devoted to school.

    Have your child in school whenever possible. Lots of absences, unless truly ill, will send the wrong message and negatively impact their progress. It is the students responsibility to see their teacher to get make up work!!!

    Set realistic goals.

    Hold your child accountable.

    Encourage your child to step up where they can be successful and step in for them for more complicated or overwhelming interventions.

  • DATES TO REMEMBERSeptember 12th: Star Day( 1:00 Dismissal)September 26th : Homecoming Parade 6:30 pmSeptember 28th: SWAP Day/Interims DistributedSeptember 28th : Homecoming Football Game against OakwoodSeptember 29th : Homecoming Dance 8:00October 8th: Teacher In-service/No School for StudentsOctober 25th : First Nine Weeks EndsNovember 1st/6th :Parent Teacher Conferences 4:30-8:00November 2nd : Grade Cards Go HomeNovember 7th :Star Day(1:00 Dismissal)

  • Coffee with the CounselorsCommunication between home, school and the community Topics may include career planning, test taking skills, and technology to name a fewThese will be held in the high school office at 7:30 a.m.

    Dates:October 9thDecember 11thApril 9th


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