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SA Pet Pages Summer 2011 Gauteng Issue




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    Mix 93.8 FM Roxy Blows Animal Show

    Summer 2011 - Issue 9 - Gauteng55,000 Copies Nationally

    SA Pet PagesDerek

    van DamSunshine

    on a Cloudy Day

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    C O N T E N T SThere have been some horrific stories in the news of late. We need to recognise when we have the opportunity to jump to the rescue, we can make a difference every single day.

    In the world of pet ownership, it starts with ensuring that our own pets are well cared for, sterilised and

    vaccinated. There are lots of dogs and cats in shelters around South Africa - you can be their hero by simply providing a walk or a cuddle. We can support others in the life saving work they do, organisations such as Barking Mad featured on page14 who depend on donations of our time and money in order to function.

    The noble Rottweiler is showcased on page 20 and I am sure you will enjoy our entertaining article, Theres a Tiger in My Garden, featuring the Abyssinian on page 18.

    See you on Facebook,

    Karen Seoighe

    DISCLAIMERWhile every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this magazine, we cannot be held responsible for the information herein or any consequences arising from it. All material is the copyright of SA Pet Pages and no part may be reproduced without written permission from the editor.

    The Pet Food Industry Association of SAPFI Members commit to promoting a quality orientated Pet Food Industry in Southern Africa, which is recognised by consumers as having the nutritional well-being of household pets as its prime concern.

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    ON THE COVER Derek van Dam with his Vizsla, Balou. All photographs by Tamed and Framed.

    Winner of the Ortho-Pet BedBasil, the 12 year old Jack Russell, owned by Gail Rennie of Ruimsig. Basil can now enjoy his new memory foam bed from


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    SA Pet Pages W E L F A R E D I R E C T O R YAngels Refuge SAMahikeng, North West; 072 889 1960

    Animal AmbulanceElandsfontein, Pretoria. Maria: 083 241 4452

    Animal Anti-Cruelty Tel: 011 435 0672

    Animals in Pat: 083 643 9480

    ARRF (Animal Rescue) 082 922 3820 or Sonja: 082 784 1872

    Border Collie Julie: 011 395 2259 Tel: 011 447 5275 Charlene: 082 700 5839 Avril: 072 391 5035 Anneke: 083 327 0365

    C.H.A.R.M (Animal Rescue) Tel: 084 900 0209

    CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) Tel: 011 763 1638 Melanie: 084 958 8073

    Dobermann Rescue Schemedobeclub@iafrica.comKathy: 011 327 6440 or Merlyn: 071 369 7390

    Feral or 078 214 4241 Breggie: 082 336 5568 Four Tel: 083 377 3219

    Free Me (Wildlife) Tel: 011 807 6993

    Friends of the Adele: 072 144 5914

    FurKidz Cyber

    Golden Retriever Margaret: 011 8884316

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    SA Pet PagesHAWS (Hartbeespoort) Lorna: 076 455 0322

    Highveld Horse Care Tel: 016 360 9900

    Hopeful Homeless Virtual Shelter

    Husky Manuela: 076 427 9166

    Jack Russell Cell: 084 621 3373

    Kitten Judy: 074 215 1490

    Kitty & Puppy Tel: 011 440 2404

    Kneading Paws Needing HomesElanza: 079 492 5763

    Labrador Re-homing LRKCVanessa: 011 793 6044

    Pug Cheryl: 082 449 2644

    Rhodesian Ridgeback 082 803 2178 or 011 803 1892

    SPCA Bull Terrier Lyn: 084 673 9893

    The Cat Annita: 083 634 0069

    Wet Nose Animal Tel: 013 932 3941/2

    Whiskers and Tel: 083 425 2184

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    W I N a s p r i n g e r f O R S U M M E R C Y C L I N GSummer is the time to be out and about with your best friend. Hop on your bicycle and take your dog with you with the Springer from Africa Spring. Ride yourself and your dog to good health with this unique dog exerciser.

    The Springer is easy to install and has a heavy duty steel spring, positioned low on the arm, which absorbs up to 90% of the force of your dogs tugs. It allows you to keep your balance on the bike, while protecting your dog from traffic, pedals and wheels. If you dog gets caught around a tree or post, the safety release will free him instantly.

    Manufactured in Norway, the Springer has been used successfully by over 600,000 families in countries around the world since 1988. Distributed by Africa Spring, call Julie Avenant on 083 267 9639 or email Visit for more info.

    WIN A SPRINGER WORTH R750Email your name and contact details to to stand a chance to win a Springer from Africa Spring. Competition closes 15th January 2011. Competition open only to South African residents. The prize is not transferable and the judges decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into.

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    Inter view with MixFMs Roxy BlowsWhat inspired you to have a Animal Show?I believe we should all do our bit. Sometimes we dont know where to start or how to go about it, so having the animal show is a way to generate that awareness and inform people.

    I have been helping animals actively for over a year now. Its so weird because at first I thought there was not enough time but there is time. You find time for things important to you, its called time management albeit Im still getting use to the concept. I read this saying and think it sums it up well done, is better than well said. - Benjamin Franklin.

    What Pets do you have?I have two gorgeous dogs. Barney after the dinosaur and Rascal.

    Who is your Hero/mentor?I have many; Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Nelson Mandela and Benjamin Franklin. I like people who help others by helping themselves, to lead by example.

    What are you thoughts on kill shelters?Kill shelter? Its very sad, but the reality is that it is the reality. I wish we could have a place where all abandoned animals could go where they would be loved and looked after or even a world where money was no issue, oh how different things would be.

    Do you think it is important for us as a community to get involved.Communities especially should get and be involved! Mother Teresa said it best. Sweep your own doorstep before you fix the worlds. I reckon its the best way to start making things better.

    Do you think that education on animal welfare should be offered in schools. Absolutely! Education is the solution. Educating children will help us in the future.

    What are you thoughts on implementing a new law that makes owner get a license to own there animalYes, I reckon that should be a law for some adults before having children too! Having a pet is a privilege it shouldnt be a right! And at least people would be checked out before trusting them with these beautiful creatures who can not speak for themselves.

    Roxy Blows Animal show on 93.8 MixFM Wednesdays from 9 - 12am Co-produced by Judd & Clawds Helping Hands

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