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  • 1.PROPOSED ROAD IMPROVEMENTS TO Proposed RoadGAUTENG FREEWAY NETWORK In general, freeways will be upgraded to 4 lanes per direction Some sections, up to 6 lanes per direction Interchanges are improved:7 Systems Interchanges (additional lanes, directional ramps)21Access Interchanges (Additional bridges, single points, rampAdditions, lane additions) Auxiliary lanes at on- and off-ramps Cross road improvements Median lighting is provided

2. N1: WILLIAM NICOL INTERCHANGE 3. N1: RIVONIA ROAD INTERCHANGE : 4. N1: Allandale Interchange 5. N1: John Vorster InterchangeJOHN VORSTER INTERCHANGE 6. N1: Lynnwood Interchange 7. N3/N12 Elands InterchangeN3: Elands Interchange 8. N3: Gilloolys Interchange 9. Project financing PROJECT FINANCING & IMPLEMENTATION User pay principle will be used to finance project Open gantry tolling Provides a mechanism for accelerated financing of infrastructure 10. TOLL PRINCIPLESToll Strategy Road user charging implemented worldwide to manage congestion andpromote other modes of transport (public transport)Travel demand management measureProvides a mechanism for accelerated financing of infrastructureAlternative funding mechanisms essential to provide infrastructureand to stimulate economic growthSanral mandated to implement tolling as mechanism to raise funds 11. POSITION OF Position of Toll Points TOLL POINTS - Tolls declared 12. Open Road Tolling OPEN ROAD TOLLING Electronic Toll Collection = no physical plazas = no delay 13. PROJECT PROGRAMME Award of construction contracts:May 2008 Construction for 2010 phase commences(2,5 year construction period): May 2008 Construction substantially completed: May 2010 Construction completion date: October 2010 Commencement of toll operations:October 2010 14. IMPLEMENTATION CHALLENGESN1: WILLIAM NICOL Availability of skills Availability of materials Risks associated with traffic Risks regarding labour actions Impact of the above on construction costs Impact of high construction costs on future implementation 15. THANK YOU!THANK YOU


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