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Gauteng Provincial Preliminary Expenditure for 2013 and Gauteng Treasury Spending. Gauteng Provincial Treasury: Head of Department. Table of Contents. Provincial equitable share and conditional grant receipts and expenditure Cash allocations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Gauteng Provincial Preliminary Expenditure for 2013 and Gauteng Treasury Spending

    Gauteng Provincial Treasury:Head of Department

  • Table of Contents Provincial equitable share and conditional grant receipts and expenditure Cash allocationsRing-fenced funds Summary of funds requested against budgetSummary of GPG Revenue CollectionsSummary of GPG Expenditure (Preliminary outcome)RecommendationsGPT Expenditure estimates (economic classification)GPT Expenditure estimates (per programme) GPT Non Financial Performance

  • Provincial Equitable Share and Conditional Grants Receipts YTD

    1 2 3 4=1-2 5=4/1 PeriodNational Treasury Transfers (ES, CG) per payment scheduleR000Actual Funds Requisitioned by GPG Departments R000 Projected Expenditure R000 Variance R000 Variance % First Quarter17,556,66718,731,84017,502,367-1,175,173-6.69Second Quarter17,822,72518,015,94418,597,511-193,219-1.08Third Quarter17,733,30120,275,47018,566,358-2,542,169-14.34Fourth Quarter17,744,91817,663,37116,633,37481,5470.46Total70,857,61174,686,62571,299,610-3,829,014-5.40Own Revenue 3,946,259--3,946,2591.00GRAND TOTAL 74,803,87074,686,62571,699,610117,2450.16%

  • Provincial Equitable Share and Conditional Grants Receipts YTD At year end, a total of R74.8bn was received by the province.Of which R70.9bn was transfers from national in the form of equitable share and conditional grants, andOwn revenue collections by the province amounted to R3.95bn.

    The preliminary outcome of GPG departments is at R71.7bn against national transfers. This means that without provincial own revenue, the province would have largely overspent.

    An amount of R582 000 for Mass Sport and Recreation Grant under GDSACR was not transferred by the National Department of Sport and Recreation due to their internal challenges.

    Provincial own revenue plays a significant role in funding the province.

  • Ring-fenced funds- end of March 2013

    VoteDepartments Infrastructure (Earmarked Equitable Share)R000 Conditional Grants R000 Total R000 1Office of the Premier ---2Provincial Legislature ---3Economic Development ---4Health -388,202388,2025Education-61,34861,3486Social Development4,01934,0217Local Government and Housing 3,4182,3215,7398Roads and Transport 348,7688,801GMA (Gautrain Rapid Link Project)---9Community Safety ---10Agriculture and Rural Development 2,3102862,59611Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation -1,8751,87512Finance ---13Gauteng Treasury---14Infrastructure 36,1662,19638,362TOTAL 45,947464,998510,945

  • Funds requested against budget - YTD

    Vote Department Total Voted Funds R000Funds Requested Financial Year-EndR000 Variance R000 Percentage Requested YTD 1 Office of the Premier 249,810249,8100100%2 Provincial Legislature 476,305476,3050100%3 Economic Development 874,412874,4120100%4 Health 27,191,29427,191,5940100%5Education 28,500,24528,500,2450100%6 Social Development 2,543,9182,543,9180100%7 Local Govt and Housing 4,737,1254,737,1250100%8 Roads and Transport 4,138,9574,138,9570100%GMA (Gautrain)1,598,7111,598,7110100%9 Community Safety 436,798436,7980100%10 Agric and Rural Develop517,659517,6590100%11 Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation437,938437,35658299.87%12 Finance 1,333,2651,333,2650100%13Gauteng Treasury238,610238,6100100%14 Infrastructure 1,411,2811,411,2810100%TOTAL 74,687,20774,686,625582100%

  • Net Interest payments/receipts on CPD

    Net Interest Position- Comparative

    Amount Q1R000Q2R000Q3R000Q4R000Total YTDR000Interest Paid -----Interest Received 44,52744,77941,07947,105177,489Net Gain/Loss 44,52744,77941,07947,105177,489Average CPD rate (Dr/Cr) 5.02%

  • Summary of Revenue collectedSource: IYM March 2013 and Adjusted Estimates of Provincial Revenue & Expenditure 2012Red Highlighted: Under collection as at end of March 2013

    GPG Department2011/12 FY collection (Audited)Preliminary YTD (2012/13) Collection March 2013 Adjusted Appropriation (2012/13)YTD (2012/13) Collection March 2013 % contribution YTD Collection less Adjusted AppropriationR'000R'000R'000%R'000Office of the Premier 465 277 246 112.60 31 Economic Development 614,726 721,756 663,762 108.74 57,994 Health Department 449,362 476,961 471,551 101.15 5,410 Education 44,452 42,705 46,675 91.49 -3,970 Social Development 4,143 5,488 3,494 157.07 1,994 Local Government & Housing 20,074 13,135 5,317 247.04 7,818 Roads and Transport 2,283,758 2,459,790 2,406,856 102.20 52,934 Community Safety 13,781 20,609 12,681 162.52 7,928 Agriculture and Rural Development 838 1,631 1,566 104.15 65 Sport, Arts, Culture & Recreation 295 183 365 50.14 -182 Finance 2,572 2,308 1,813 127.30 495 Provincial Treasury 164,758 187,828 150,000 125.22 37,828 Infrastructure Development 15,636 13,636 15,000 90.91 -1,364 Total 3,614,860 3,946,307 3,779,326 104.42 166,981

  • Summary of Collected RevenueTotal own revenue collection as at end of March 2013 amounted to R3.946 billion (This amounts to 104.42%). The under collection is mostly from non revenue generating departmentsThe GPG has exceeded its adjusted appropriation by 4.42% and exceeded its targeted collection by R166.981 million.Most of the GPG departments exceeded their 2012/13 financial year adjusted appropriation except GDE, DID and SACR that have under collected.Major collectors performed as follows:DED estimated to collect R663.762 million collected R721.756 million.GDoH has collected R476.961 million or 101.15% of their estimate of R471.551 million.DRT adjusted appropriation was R2.406 billion but managed to collect R2.459 billion or 102.20%. GPT has collected R187.828 million or 125.22% of their adjusted appropriation. The Department adjusted upwards by R95 000 from a main appropriation of R55 000.

  • Summary of Preliminary GPG Expenditure

    DepartmentOriginal Budget AllocationAdjustments Increase/ (Decrease)Adjusted BudgetTotal ExpenditureActual Expenditure (Against Adj Budget)Outcome - Under/ (Over)R000R000R000R000%R000Office of the Premier236,73413,076249,810238,36995%11,441Gauteng Provincial Legislature455,00021,305476,305465,23298%11,073Economic Development912,008(37,596)874,412845,27897%29,134Health24,519,3362,671,95827,191,29426,962,07399%229,221Education27,150,7511,350,07328,500,82428,250,10199%250,723Social Development2,490,49253,4262,543,9182,525,06699%18,852Local Government and Housing4,737,12504,737,1254,631,03698%106,089Roads and Transport4,363,7901,373,8785,737,6685,568,28797%169,381Community Safety435,946852436,798415,70595%21,093Agric. and Rural Development493,97622,503516,479516,853100%(374)Sport, Arts, Recr and Culture392,83745,101437,938433,71899%4,220Finance1,322,70010,5651,333,2651,305,41498%27,851Gauteng Provincial Treasury428,934(190,324)238,610225,20294%13,408Infrastructure Development1,371,05240,2291,411,2811,378,11498%33,167TOTAL69,310,6815,375,04674,685,72873,760,44899%925,280

  • Summary of GPG ExpenditureThe main budget was adjusted upwards by R5.4 billion, from R69.3bn to R74.7bn.The increase was mainly for accrual payments in Health and ICS for GPG departments, and decentralisation of functions from Finance to GPG departments.Preliminary expenditure is at R73.7bn, under spending by R925mil. R500 million of the R925.3 million is commitments and invoices that could not be processed by the end of the financial year. Gauteng Provincial Treasury received requests for rollovers from GPG departments amounting to R500 million which corresponds to R510.945 million available cash and has assessed the request as part of the established budget processes. The difference of R425.3 million under-spending is just on paper because it is accounted for by suspense accounts, surrenders and BAS transaction processing rules which causes disjuncture between under-spending and available cash.

  • Summary of GPG Expenditure

    Almost all GPG departments are showing a slight under-spending which can be explained by commitments and invoices that could not be processed except GDARD which has overspent by R374 thousandsThe total provincial wage bill was at R40.3bn, from which the province spent R40 billion, with R280.6mil remaining unspent. Under goods and services: the province overspent by R528 million, mainly due to funding pressures in education and health;

  • 2012/13 Preliminary Infrastructure Expenditure

    DepartmentMain Budget 2012/13Adjusted Budget 2012/13Actual Expenditure at end of March 2013% ExpenditureOutcomeVote 04: Health1 484 0461 481 4221 243 05984%238 363Vote 05: Education1 245 3361 585 3361 654 737104%-69 401Vote 06: Social Development95 426125 424121 40197%4 023Vote 07: Local Government And Housing4 058 7784 058 7784 052 43999.8%6 339Vote 08: Roads And Transport1 244 9801 713 4771 561 12891%152 349Vote 10: Agriculture And Rural Development4 00010 00010 337103%-337Vote 14: Infrastructure Development127 363127 36387 98369%39 380Grand Total8 259 9299 101 8008 731 08496%370 716

  • 2012/13 Preliminary Infrastructure Expenditure

    Infrastructure b


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