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Unit and Community News & Information for week ending 6 JULY 2012


  • 4-31 FRSA Flash Polar Bear Important Dates July 6, 201218 JUL F-Co Change ofCommand18 JUL BN CSM Changeof Responsibility Ceremony Incoming CSM Stall-worth4-5 AUG Fort DrumCommunity Wide Yard Sales@ Rhicard Hills & Adiron-dack Creek6 AUG State of the Com-mand and NTC Pre-Deployment Brief @ MPA @1000.8 AUG State of the Com-mand and NTC Pre-Deployment Brief @ MPA @1800 UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO
  • DATES TO REMEMBER July 20127/7 Karaoke Contest Youth Center7/9 FRG Leader Training 0900-1300 ACS7/9 Informal Funds Training 1400-1500 ACS7/9 Informal Funds Training 1700-1800 ACS7/10 Welcome Tour 0930-1400 ACS7/10-15 Jefferson County Fair The Fairgrounds7/127/16-20 Key Caller Training AFTB Summer Marathon 1000-1130 0900-1600 ACS7/12 Key Caller Training 1400-1530 ACS7/12 Fort Drum ACAP Career Fair 1000-1400 The Commons7/16-207/17 AFTB Summer Welcome Tour Marathon 0900-1600 0930-1400 ACS ACSD7/17 Welcome Change of Command 10th CABTour 0930-1400 1000-1100 ACSD WSAAF7/177/17-21 10th CAB Change Lewis County Fair of Command 1000-1100 WSAAF Lewis Co Fairgrounds7/17-217/18 Lewis County Fair 4-31 Fox Company (210BSB) Change of Command Lewis Co Fairgrounds7/18 2BCT Change of Responsibility 4-31 BN CSM Change of Responsibility Ceremony 1000-1100 Sexton Field7/187/23 4-31 Fox Company (210BSB) Change of Command American Red Cross Blood Drive 1130-1630 The USO7/187/25 4-31 BN CSM Change of Family Support Huddle Responsibility Ceremony 1000-1130 Eagles Nest7/197/26 2-14IN Wellness Support Group Book club Family Change of Command 1000-1100 Sexton Field Rhicard Hills Com CTR7/197/26 DCG-S/CoS MTN Salute Civilian of the Quarter Luncheon 1600-1700 1130-1300 Sexton Field The Commons7/207/26 3-71CAV Change of Command Remembrance Ceremony 1000-1100 1630 Sexton Field Memorial Park7/237/27 American Red Cross Blood Drive Division Retirement Ceremony 1130-1630 1630 The USO MPA7/247/28 Welcome Tour DPAO/Toyota Concert Series: Bill Cosby 0930-1400 1900 ACS The Fairgrounds7/257/31 Family Support Welcome Tour Huddle 1000-1130 0930-1400 Eagles ACS Nest7/26 Family Wellness Support GroupAugust 2012 Book club 1000-1100 Rhicard Hills Com CTR7/26 Civilian of the Quarter Luncheon 1130-1300 The Commons8/47/26 Thrift Shop Saturday Opening Remembrance Ceremony 0930-1400 1630 Thrift Store Memorial Park8/77/27 Welcome Commander Change of Command Garrison Tour 0930-1400 1000-1100 ACS Field Sexton8/7-167/27 Thrift Shop CLOSED ACS 47th Birthday 1000-1400 ACS8/147/27 2012 Education Fair Ceremony Division Retirement 1400-1800 1630 The Commons MPA8/157/28 Whiteface Mountain Ceremony Cosby DPAO/Toyota Concert Series: Bill 1200 1900 Lake Placid The Fairgrounds8/167/28-29 VolunteerMarket Farmers of the Month Ceremony 1030-1130 The Commons Commissary8/217/30 Welcome Tour Caller Class Advanced Key 0930-1400 1300-1430 ACS ACS8/237/31 Remembrance Ceremony Welcome Tour 1630-1700 0930-1400 Memorial Park ACS8/24 Division Retirement Ceremony 1600-1700 MPA8/28 Welcome Tour August 2012 0930-1400 ACS8/48/30 Thrift Wellness Support Group FamilyShop Saturday Opening Book Club 0930-1400 1000-1100 Thrift Store Rhicard Hills Com CTR8/7 Welcome Tour 0930-1400 ACS8/7-16 Thrift Shop CLOSED8/14 2012 Education Fair 1400-1800 The Commons8/15 Whiteface Mountain Ceremony 1200 Lake Placid8/16 Volunteer of the Month Ceremony 1030-1130 The Commons8/21 Welcome Tour 0930-1400 ACS8/23 Remembrance Ceremony 1630-1700 Memorial Park8/24 Division Retirement Ceremony 1600-1700 MPA8/28 Welcome Tour 0930-1400 ACS8/30 Family Wellness Support Group Book Club 1000-1100 Rhicard Hills Com CTR UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO 2
  • 4-31 Rear Detachment for Block Leave Starts25 JUNE and Ends 16 JULY UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO 4
  • ResourcesMilitary Community and Family Policy (MC&FP) Need To Talk To Someone? Weekly eNewsletter Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC) 2BCT MFLC Steve Kleilzel 315-955-4823 Personal Financial CounselorPFC-MFLC Tammy Fink Tammyfink.mhn@gmail.comMobilization and Deployment Classes (315) 486-5770 FRG Leader 9am-1pm Military and Family Life Consultants (MFLC) 9 JUL provide solution-oriented consultations to individu- 13 SEP als, couples, families, and groups. The Military and Family Life Consultant (MFLC) Key Caller 10-11:30am or 2-3:30pm Program is designed to provide support and assis- 12 JUL tance to active duty Soldiers, National Guard & 16 AUG Reserves, military Family Members and civilian personnel. Military and Family Life Consultants Advance Key Caller 1-2:30pm can help people who are having trouble coping 30 JUL with concerns and issues of daily life. 15 OCT Informal Funds 2-3pm or 5-6pm Official 4-31 BN Facebook Page 9 JUL 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry 13 SEP