five signs that you’re addicted to office supplies

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Some addictions are way better for your life than others. Take office supplies, for example. Take a look at the original article here:


  • 1. Five signs that youre addicted to office supplies

2. As a seven year old child I used to love it when my mom came back fromher cleaning job with a bag full of the stuff that had been thrown awaythat day in a busy industrial office.It was good stuff, too as it was a pretty affluent company so things likecarbon copy paper (retro, I know) and notepads were thrown away whentheyd only been used once. 3. It used to shock me that A4 paper wasthrown away after having only one side ofit used. In fact, some paper was in the binwith nothing on it, it simply had thedubious pleasure of having gone throughthe photocopier once by mistake.Seriously, this office was staffed by peoplewho had no intention of using paper thatwasnt absolutely in line, pristine andtotally unblemished. 4. Recycling? Seriously?These days we recycle pretty much everything and with goodreason. Were using more resources than ever before and asthose resources run out, things become more expensive.Theres also the issue of where all that waste goes. Backwhen I was getting carbon copy paper from this office,anything that went in the bin ended up straight in land fill,there was no recycling back then, it just went back to thedirt from whence it came.Maybe it was an early understanding of the damage this wasdoing to the earth, or maybe I was just a hoarder, but at thisyoung age my problem started. I had a shelf full of officesupplies and I added to it every week. 5. When my friends came round theyd look at the shelf and wonder what it wasall about. Id show them the clip board I had for keeping a note of whenthe dog was taken for a walk or the folder where I kept all the ReadersDigest mail I received.My highlighter pen pot was brimming full. I had pencils of all colours. Felt tipswith different sizes of nib. If there was a stationery collectors anonymous,Id have been the first person through the door.Are you like this too?Ive discovered many people are like this, its OK, we can now come out inpublic and share our addiction without fear of being ridiculed! But are youreally an addict or are you saying so just to be part of the club? 6. Do you collect Post-it note pads from everywhere you go?I dont just mean the yellow or pink ones, but also themulti-coloured ones and ones with logos of companies,handy tips to do every day and motivational quotes tokeep you going when times are dark.If you have more than you could ever use cluttering up yourdesk then award yourself five points. If you find yourselfusing them for absolutely everything such as labelling allthe food in the fridge, all the doors in your kitchen oreven your children, give yourself ten points. 7. When looking at pens in the stationery store,do you get excited about gel ink?Yeah, I know. Whoa! Gel ink is incredible,I honestly couldnt believe it when Iused my first gel ink pen and foundthat writing was smoother, easier andsilkier than ever before. Who inventedthese things? Theyre amazing!Five points. Ten if you always buy the tenpack because its cheaper in the longrun even though theyd realisticallylast you a decade. 8. Do you have a fountain pen, but never use it?I mean, who does? Fountain pens are lovely, yes, butseriously, theyre the messiest things ever created andall that ink going everywhere! Yeuk!BUT! They look brilliant on your desk, or should I saybureau?If you do want a fountain pen that works and doesntbecome a comedy implement from a black and whitemovie where its used as a weapon, you need to getyourself one that costs a lot of money and comes in apolished walnut box. Of course, its so expensive youwont use it, instead youll just use a gel pen (seeabove).Five points. Ten points if its Mont Blanc. 9. You LOVED shopping for supplies when going back to schoolFor me, the back to school signs in the clothing shops werean absolute nightmare. I hated trying on all those coats,shoes and trousers all the time. However, get me in abranch of WH Smiths and I was in heaven!Yeah, yeah, yeah, books etc. But cmon, look at that pencilcase!!In those days they even stocked CDs (ask your mom) but noteven that could drag me away from the racks upon racksof coloured paper, Letraset alphabets and smelly erasers.Five points. Ten points if you persuaded your parents to driveyou to the new, bigger WH Smiths in town because theyhad a larger selection of gel pens. 10. You asked for a Dymo label printer for ChristmasIm not proud of this one.Ten points. 11. What did you score?If you found yourself with any more than twenty points thenyoure definitely an addict however if you scored the maximumfifty then you should check yourself into a clinic prettysharpish. 12. CONTACT US08451 701 601sales@theofficesuppliessupermarket.com