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Five Basic Dog Training Tips to Train Your DogBasic dog trainingmethods should be a prerequisite for all dog owners. This is a fact that holds true for the longest time as this is very crucial in your way to making sure that your dog is properly trained. The purpose of dog training is summarized in 3 points: promote dog obedience, develop desirable results and encourage good, if not excellent, behavior for your dog. Progression of the Training Make it a point to start with the easier commands at first and then move on to more difficult commands as you progress in your training. Use the 12 most important basic dog training commands listed below: Come Sit Stay Wait Down Stand Okay No Off Leave It Drop It HeelConsistency of the CommandsIn life and in general, it is true that repetition is one of the best training methods there is and this can never be more pronounced than in dog training. Dog training is efficiently and effectively taught by repeating the same commands over and over again and pointing out the desired action. You then reinforce the good behavior by giving him a treat at different intervals. This way, you keep your dogs utmost attention and you start his conditioning process. This process should be done many times a day and you can do it in varying points of the day - i.e. during play time or while walking him or her. A good point to remember is that an excited tone should be used to encourage good behavior and a stern voice to discourage incorrect behavior. Avoid teaching any dog tricks at this stage so he wont be confused.Timing Your Dog TrainingIt has been proven that dogs respond best to short, sharp commands so make it also a point to make your training sessions short and concise but intense and interesting. This practice will ensure that the dogs attention will always be captured and his interests engaged which will encourage and develop his capacity to respond to your commands.Praise and Rewarding Your DogMake it a habit to constantly praise and reward your dog the moment it responds to your commands. This is called positive reinforcement and rewards may be represented by play time or food. This will lead to a tremendous improvement in his learning process and would also hasten up the completion of the training. Not giving him the treats when you should have and vice-versa might mix-up his thought process and could lead to some dog aggression behavior and you would not want this to happen at all cost.

Do Not Give in to Your Dogs Every Desire. We all know it is hard to ignore that charming look but you should be determined not to give in whenever you are given that lovely look. Make sure you exercise discipline first and affection later. The dog should be conditioned to only receive rewards after a good behavior or after following a command and not after licking your face or giving you that look. And once your dog has learned to respond to your commands consistently, begin to lessen the rewards. This is the process of his maturation and once you are on this stage, your dog is on his way to being fully-trained in no time.Visit for more dog training techniques.You can also try these two popular dog training guides: