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  • Steps to train your dog to sit

  • Your new puppy may be all licks and cuddles at present, it takes effort to convert that bundle of love into a dog. You'll need to train it, providing it the tools required to effectively intermingle with people and other animals all through its life. Here we provide the different steps to train your dog to sit.

  • Choose the perfect time to train your dog to sit. One of the perfect moment is when your puppy is hungry or right before it's normal meal time.

    Step 1

  • Keep the dog's food in your hand and close your hand.

    Step 2

  • Bring your closed hand down for the puppy to smell. This will get your puppy interested in what you have.

    Step 3

  • While doing this ensure that your puppy is fully standing. Hold a treat few inches about their head so they look upward. Use your other hand to gently push the puppy's rear to encourage sitting.

    Step 4

  • Now, use the puppy's name followed by the word 'sit'. Say it gently, do not shout.

    Step 5

  • The puppy won't sit the first time itself, this will take time. Repeat the command a couple of times until the puppy follows. If the puppy is having any difficulties, use your free hand to push the rear of the puppy and encourage sitting.

    Step 6

  • Once the puppy sits, give your puppy the food which is inside your hand and a pat on the head would also encourage him.

    Step 7

  • Repeat this training throughout the day until the puppy gets quicker in sitting and understanding your command. Eventually you won't have to carry any food in your hand for making your puppy sit. This trick can be used for teaching your dog other things like shaking his hands, standing in two legs, etc.

    Step 8

  • Diana Bigos is a Certified Dog Obedience Trainer based in Philadelphia Metro Area. Diana got her Dog Obedience Certification through the Animal Behavior College and has undergone training under Dawn Watson of Brother of the Wolf, LLC. Diana works hands on with dogs in her daily work and by giving back to the community through volunteering with local refuges. If you are interested in learning how to effectively communicate with your dog through essential training techniques, contact Diana to schedule a session!